Day: July 7, 2020

adminJuly 7, 20206min320
A robotics company hoping to free industrial robots from their cages has teamed up with Siemens to simulate and validate the way industrial automation is deployed on the line. It’s another step toward what could be the next major revolution in industrial automation. Some context: Big robots have traditionally been kept behind cages and well […]

adminJuly 7, 202017min360
Artificial intelligence (AI) systems and algorithmic decision-making are mainstays of every sector the global economy. From search engine recommendations and advertising to credit scoring and predictive policing, algorithms can be deployed in an expansive range of use cases, and are often posited by advocates as a dispassionate and fairer means of making decisions, free from […]

adminJuly 7, 20204min360
The main focus of every car maker today is, obviously, how to tackle the rise of electric cars. However, some car makers have been exploring EVs for quite some time now. The Porsche example is very well known, but BMW also dug deep into the field a long time ago, their first experiment coming in […]