Day: July 9, 2020

adminJuly 9, 20204min70
Fans of professional sports will be familiar with so-called 4D visualizations, which offer multiple vantages of a single scene. A receiver catches a pass, but was he inbounds? The live producer and announcers will run a replay, shifting the POV so viewers have the sensation of zooming around to the front of the action to […]

adminJuly 9, 20203min90
Orange and Nokia have successfully completed a significant trial testing fifth-generation photonic service engine (PSE-V) chipsets over a live transmission on the operator’s pan-European network. The technology is designed to triple the total transported capacity on long-haul links and reduce energy consumption by 50%, thanks to the performance leap offered by probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS), […]

adminJuly 9, 20209min50
On July 8, 2020, some members of the cryptocurrency community were prepared to leverage the AVA Labs Avalanche (AVAX) token sale, in order to acquire some of the highly anticipated coin on Wednesday. However, due to “record-breaking demand” and a “highly-sophisticated DDOS attack” the Avalanche sale has been rescheduled for July 15, 2020. For quite […]

adminJuly 9, 202019min30
There seems to be a common sentiment among car enthusiasts that German cars are expensive to maintain, especially older ones. To be honest, that’s mostly true. Most German cars are from premium brands and premium brand cars use premium brand parts. So the notion that BMW cars are expensive to maintain isn’t unfounded. However, it’s […]

adminJuly 9, 20202min51
While we’re waiting for the OnePlus Nord to release on July 21, the leaks keep coming in bunches. After we got a good look at the device from the front and back and learned more about its AMOLED display, we now have a look at some of the exclusives cases that will launch alongside the […]

adminJuly 9, 20206min50
Credit: CC0 Public Domain A German research institute announced Tuesday a new video standard that halves the bitrate required for streaming, allowing higher quality images on lower-power devices and opening the door wider to adoption of super high-definition 8K content. The Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute said the new codec, VVC—Versatile Video Coding, will not compromise […]