Day: July 29, 2020

adminJuly 29, 20204min110
A leading online grocer is teaming up with a company pioneering the use of robots and small micro-fulfillment centers to bring ultra-fast grocery delivery to the nation’s capital. The partnership between Fresh Direct, which operates grocery deliveries in the northeast, and Fabric will rely on robotic micro-fulfillment to push the speed envelope in the red […]

adminJuly 29, 20204min110
Security researchers at Eclypsium have disclosed a serious vulnerability in the GRUB2 bootloader that could be used by cyber criminals to take “near total control” of Linux systems during the boot process and install “persistent and stealthy” bootkits or malicious bootloaders that will operate even it Secure Boot is enabled and functioning correctly. Dubbed BootHole, […]

adminJuly 29, 20207min30
After having seen the M8 Competition Gran Coupe in Sonic Speed Blue, the BMW Abu Dhabi dealership now exhibits a special F93 M8 garnished with lots of BMW Individual options. Both outside and inside. The sales representatives opted out for some striking and contrasting individualization choices. Thus, they decided to go for the dark BMW […]

adminJuly 29, 202015min30
Credit: CC0 Public Domain The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of people to work from home, making workers and corporations alike more dependent on the digital technology that has long enabled them to handle both personal and professional tasks from their smartphones, laptops, and personal computers. Joël Le Bon has been paying particularly close attention […]

adminJuly 29, 20202min40
The Nature Conservancy in Colorado acquired their first drone in early 2015 and began using it in a variety of ways to benefit the chapter’s land, water and forest conservation efforts. Over the past year, drones have been used to capture “before and after” images of prescribed fires as well as amazing aerial footage during the […]