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4 unusual products from Xiaomi

4 unusual products from Xiaomi.

adminNovember 27, 201910min1920
adminNovember 27, 201910min1920
4 unusual products from Xiaomi

It has already been repeatedly stated that the range of products of Chinese techno giant is constantly growing. Engineers of the company try their efforts in different directions. In this review we will talk about a few new products, the development of which speaks about far-reaching plans of the company.

Smart camera controlled by a smartphone

Recently, the Xiaobai N1 Smart Outdoor Camera PTZ Edition has been introduced. It has received the night mode and the way of control by means of a smartphone.
The developers note one of the features of the product, which is the ability to remotely rotate the camera and zoom in on objects in the frame. It also has an impressive viewing angle – 2700.

Xiaobai N1 Smart Outdoor Camera 

Availability of IP66 protection allows you to operate the gadget in rain, snow or strong dust. It will not suffer from these factors and will not reduce its performance.

Thanks to the presence of a 2-megapixel sensor, the model is able to record video at 1080p. It also has infrared illumination, making it possible to get a clear image at night at a distance of up to 15 m.
Availability of two-way audio communication allows remote communication with friends, relatives or other persons.

Xiaobai N1 Smart Outdoor Camera 

In Xiaobai N1 Smart Outdoor Camera PTZ Edition there are algorithms of artificial intelligence. Thanks to this, the camera is able to determine the contours of the human body. In case of intrusion, it will immediately send this information to the user’s smartphone along with a 10-second video recording. At the same time it will activate the audio alarm system.
The cost of a smart camera is 28 USD. Its sales will start on December 18.

Compact electric scooter

The company Himo, located in the Xiaomi ecosystem, presented the model of the electric scooter Himo H1.
The vehicle has a significant power reserve and striking compactness. It can be folded down to a size comparable to an office sheet of paper.

Electric scooter Himo H1

In this state, Himo H1 fits in a backpack, medium bag or even a plastic bag. Its steering wheel has a telescopic design that allows you to adjust the height. To control the lighting equipment and monitor the speed of movement is provided with an LED-display. The range of the scooter is equal to 30 km at speeds up to 18 km/h.

Electric scooter Himo H1

The device is driven by a brushless 180-watt electric motor. During the journey, the user can place his feet on special platforms. They are mounted above the front wheel. They can be folded in during the transport of the gadget.
Autonomy is provided by a 6000 mAh lithium-ion battery with a weight of 1.8 kg. It is located under the seat and has a service life of 500 charge-discharge cycles.It weighs only 13 kg, is equipped with charging, carrying case and various accessories. Its cost is 426 US dollars.

Smartphone remote
The unusual Qin AI Assistant Pro smartphone was recently announced in China. It has a slim and stretched plastic case with a non-standard 22.5:9 aspect ratio.
The gadget is equipped with a 5.05-inch display with a resolution of 1440×576 pixels. Its only camera is equipped with an 8-megapixel sensor.

Qin AI Assistant Pro smartphone

The device hardware is based on an eight-core processor and 2 GB of RAM. The size of the ROM is 32 GB. Autonomy of operation is provided by the battery capacity of 2100 mAh.

The main “feature” of the smartphone is the presence of an infrared port, with which to control smart devices and appliances. Even the Android 9 Pie OS used here is modified for this purpose.

Qin AI Assistant Pro has not received any Google services, the emphasis is on voice assistance. There is a special button on the body of the device to call it.

The cost of the product is not yet reported.

Silent air conditioners

Xiaomi’s range of household products includes new products. The company introduced four silent air conditioners of the Internet Air and Internet Vertical Air lines. Two of them are designed for wall mounting, and two more can be installed anywhere in the apartment or home.

All models are powered by the home electric network. At the initial stage of their sale will be carried out in the cases of white color only.
The units have monochrome OLED displays for control and data acquisition. Wall models are equipped with control buttons.

Silent air conditioners

Internet Vertical Air Conditioner has been given the possibility of autonomous placement. Their location does not depend on the presence of external air source. The level of noise produced by them during operation does not exceed 23 dB. To control the line of these devices is real with the help of a mobile device. Therefore, the manufacturer positions the models as part of the smart home system.

The cost of air conditioners depends on their capacity. It is in the range of 358-787 US dollars.

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