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A weighted blanket that combats insomnia and reduces anxiety » Gadget Flow

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adminOctober 30, 202011min1620

Wish you come get more shut-eye and awake feeling refreshed? Or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious with no healthy solution to help you feel less tense and more grounded. The one-of-a-kind Nuzzie Knit weighted blanket does more than cuddle you and keep you warm; it improves your sleep quality and reduces anxiety. Keep reading to discover how.

A blanket keeps you warm and toasty when you’re relaxing on the sofa or snuggled up in bed. But weighted blankets have more advantageous properties than traditional kinds, such as managing anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The additional weight provides a comforting factor that replicates the sensations of receiving a hug. Plus, the weighted sensation can trigger a release of dopamine and serotonin, which leaves you feeling more relaxed and happier. A weighted blanket also reduces cortisol production to improve your sleep and alleviate stress and even pain.

But not all weighted blankets offer these benefits—especially if they’re poorly designed. Many are filled with glass beads that can shift around and leak, causing safety implications while you sleep, and some don’t offer different weights to suit your body. The Nuzzie Knit weighted blanket is one of a kind. It’s perfectly curated to remain breathable, machine washable, and doesn’t feature any pesky glass beads. Best of all, it’ll drastically improve your well-being and is suitable for the entire family.

Improves sleep quality

Don’t we all want more sleep, or more importantly, better quality sleep? This weighted blanket doesn’t promise to switch off your mind from overthinking the day’s woes, but it can help you fall asleep faster and prevent constantly tossing and turning. Most importantly, it’ll help you stay asleep longer, so you awake feeling refreshed.

The Nuzzie Knit weighted blanket targets pressure points around your body in a process called Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS). This soothes and relaxes the parts of your body where tension builds up without you having to apply it to those specific areas. DPS stimulates serotonin, melatonin, and cortisol, leaving you feeling happier, sleepier, and more relaxed. And best yet, all you have to do is lay down and place the blanket over you to reap these benefits.

Two adults using the Nuzzie Knit weighted blanket

Reduces anxiety to leave you calmer

Even if you don’t have anxiety or depression, we all go through bad days or moments in our lives. For times when you’re feeling overwhelmed and need some extra comfort, sit back and cuddle up with this weighted blanket. It’s not just confined to night-time use and works well to keep you warm and grounded while you’re working remotely or reading a book. And even when you’re not using the blanket, it provides an inviting, cozy touch to your bedroom’s decor.

The Nuzzie Knit weighted blanket applies a gentle weight to pressure points around your body, leaving you feeling instantly calmer, grounded, and stress-free. And the emphasis is on ‘gentle’ because this blanket is soft and thick to create the sensation of receiving a hug or soaking in a hot bath with bubbles surrounding you. There’s no pain or an overbearing feeling involved. In fact, it’s available in two weights—15 or 20lb—so you can choose the right amount of pressure for you.

Nuzzie Knit weighted blanket

A woman with the Nuzzie Knit weighted blanket

Remains breathable during hot nights

A weighted blanket isn’t just for winter nights. You should be able to use it every night so you can experience the health benefits year-round. Fortunately, the Nuzzie Knit adapts to the climate, so it stays warm in winter and cool in summer. In fact, its open-knit design allows hot air to escape for better temperature regulation, preventing you from night sweats. By adapting to your body’s temperature, you may find you don’t need the fan on through the night.

Nuzzie Knit weighted blanket

A man with the Nuzzie Knit weighted blanket while working

Uses a beadless design for easy cleaning

We know what you’re thinking: won’t a thick blanket be difficult to wash? The Nuzzie Knit weighted blanket is machine washable, thanks to its beadless design and durable fabrics. Simply throw it in the washer or dryer for worry-free results. No special cleaning treatment required.

So, what makes its beadless design so special? First, it’s safe for children to use without the risk of beads coming loose. It also avoids any noise if you like to switch positions at night, so you won’t disturb your partner. By using DuraFill fabric to create the weight, you won’t experience beads clumping together in the corner of the blanket. In fact, DuraFill provides even weight distribution to apply gentle pressure to your entire body. This material also feels soft and gentle against your skin.

Nuzzie Knit weighted blanket

Different colors of the Nuzzie Knit weighted blanket

Safe and suitable for everyone to use every night

The Nuzzie Knit weighted blanket is aimed at anyone looking to be happier, more relaxed, and improve their sleep quality—which covers most of us. When sleep is so important to us, we should jump on healthy, effective solutions that can boost our productivity the following day and allow us to feel much calmer after a hectic day at the office.

It’s available in two weights and measures 80″ in length and 60″ in width, covering the surface area of a queen bed. But it also makes a cozy luxury when you’re snuggling up in the afternoon watching a movie. It’s available in Midnight Blue, Misty Grey, and Oatmeal to match your home’s decor or taste preferences.

Pre-order the Nuzzie Knit weighted blanket for $149 on Kickstarter to support someone with insomnia and anxiety, or treat yourself to a much-needed undisturbed night’s sleep every night. Don’t forget to check back here at a later date to share your experience with others.

Amy Poole is an Editor and Writer at Gadget Flow. When she’s not indulged in everything gadget-related, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Rosie, and keeping fit.

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