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Apple officially introduced a new version of macOS

adminOctober 27, 20197min2080
adminOctober 27, 20197min2080

Apple officially introduced a new version of macOS

The new MacOS version 10.15 Catalina is now available. Apple has updated the operating system for branded computers, adding important new features, changing the existing ones, and from some tools the corporation decided to give up. One of them was iTunes – in MacOS Catalina the usual media player was replaced by four separate applications. In addition, Apple has tried to link the iOS and macOS platforms into a single system using the Project Catalyst solution.

Integration of systems

For the first time in macOS, the company introduced a new Project Catalyst system. It can be used to transfer mobile versions of applications to desktop devices. With the help of this tool, iPad applications are complemented by a full menu, mouse control, window mode and many other features that are present in desktop software solutions. At the same time, the technology does not make any significant changes to the mobile application code. In the future, Project Catalyst will allow you to port applications originally written for iPhone to Mac-devices.

Integration of systems

What has changed?

From now on, the new MacOS 2019 does not support 32-bit applications. It was not a surprise, the corporation warned about it more than a year ago. There are no exceptions even for the giants of the industry – support for 32-bit software is disabled even for Adobe and Microsoft. Apple recommended installing 64-bit versions of the necessary programs and if they are not available, look for the nearest analogue.

The latest MacOS update now includes the Screen Time option. The company’s developers first added “screen time” to mobile iOS 12 last year. The function keeps statistics on how the device is used, i.e., it keeps track of running applications and incoming notifications spent in a certain program. In addition, the option allows you to block certain applications. Screen Time allows you to synchronize the iOS gadget with your Mac.

Screen time

In addition, the new version of macOS has received the Sidecar function. The tool allows you to use the iPad as an accessory on the main computer. The connection between them is provided by AirPlay wireless technology. Sidecar is available in two versions. The first option is to use the tablet as a graphical supplement when any iPad image is displayed on the desktop screen. In another mode, the iPad becomes the second full-fledged monitor, where you can drag and drop application windows from your computer and back.

Another new feature of MacOS is the Locator tool. It is designed to locate the missing Apple device. The application is activated even if the device is disconnected from the Internet or “asleep”. The tool searches for Bluetooth signals with special encryption. They transmit data to the nearest Apple gadgets, which in turn send the coordinates to iCloud, from where they will be available to the owner of the device.

What else is new

The existing components of the system have been supplemented with new features. The Safari browser received a modified home page with a section of recommended sites based on user preferences. A password generator has also been added to the browser.

Updated structures created “Reminders” and photo tabs. In the Photos section, all the images are divided into collages according to the time of creation. Sorting” has appeared in the “Reminders” section, as well as the topics “Today”, “Planned”, “All” and “With a checkmark”.

In addition, the new macOS has become even stricter. According to the updated privacy policy, software must request access to the drive, desktop, documents and files, and information from the iCloud Drive.

Catalina is already available on the Mac App Store and you can upgrade your MacOS for free. However, not all Apple devices support the update. Among the approved models are MacBook Air, Mac Pro, iMac, Mac mini, starting from 2012 and above. Also on the MacBook list from 2015, iMac Pro 2017 and beyond. Apple’s complete list is available on its website.

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