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Apple glasses

Apple will release AR glasses in 2022 and upgrade in 2023

adminNovember 11, 20193min1440
adminNovember 11, 20193min1440
Apple glasses
Apple AR glasses

Apple’s first personal additional reality glasses with 3D environmental scanning will be released in 2022. This is what The Information writes about, citing knowledgeable sources. The company has already scheduled the release of an improved model for 2023.

The timing of the release of the AR-device was announced by Apple at an internal meeting held in October. According to the publication, the closed meeting was held in the Steve Jobs Theatre. Steve Jobs. His hall is designed for more than a thousand seats, which may indicate the number of people employed in the project. Mike Rockwell, former head of Dolby Labs, oversees the development of the headset.

The event mentioned some of the capabilities of AR glasses, including “3D scanning” and “advanced human detection”, sources said. The proposed device will be similar to Facebook’s Oculus Quest AR wireless helmet – only with a more elegant design, using a large amount of fabric and lightweight materials so that it can be worn comfortably for a long time.

In addition, Apple’s top managers talked about the high-resolution display and cameras that will allow users to “read fine print” and “see other people standing in front of or behind virtual objects”. The company’s technology will also be able to detect room sizes, surfaces and angles more accurately than any other AR glasses on the market.
Last month, Bloomberg and TF International Securities analyst Min Chi Kuo independently reported that Apple’s AR headset will be released earlier in the first half of next year. The Information’s interlocutors claim that this is not true: the company will not open the software development tools for creating specialized applications until 2021.

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