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adminOctober 23, 20213min100
Without enzymes, an organism would not be able to survive. It is these biocatalysts that facilitate a whole range of chemical reactions, producing the building blocks of the cells. Enzymes are also used widely in biotechnology and in our households, where they are used in detergents, for example. To describe metabolic processes facilitated by enzymes, […]

adminOctober 23, 20215min70
One of South Africa’s biggest banks, Standard Bank, has reportedly sent account termination notices to clients that offer automated cryptocurrency arbitrage services. Bank’s Criteria Questioned This move, according to a Mybroadband report, has sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency industry. The sending of the notices has also raised questions about the criteria that Standard Bank is […]

adminOctober 22, 20216min140
Credit: CC0 Public Domain Banning right-wing extremists from social media can reduce the spread of anti-social ideas and conspiracy theories, according to Rutgers-led research. The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, examined what happens after individual influencers with large followings are banned from social media and no longer have […]

adminOctober 22, 202111min170
Matt Rutherford was just a few days into his planned unaided, non-stop solo-sailing trip around North and South America when he realized he’d left all his extra pants on the dock. The days of preparation before setting off had been frantic and a few things got left behind. This was a problem. He was facing […]

adminOctober 22, 20217min120
The new XLURC DEER 3 drone takes me with the idea to Santa Claus and the winter holidays. Featuring an excellent folding design, GPS positioning, and a 6K/8K camera, it is a great gift idea under the Xmas tree. The XLURC DEER 3 is advertised with 25-30 minutes of battery life and a range of […]

adminOctober 22, 20218min210
The BMW 2 Series Coupe test drives are on their way and in just a few days we will learn about the drivingcharacteristics and abilities of the new sports coupe. But as always, leading up to the reviews, new photos emerge on the Internet. The latest set of images feature the BMW M240i Coupe in […]

adminOctober 22, 20216min110
Han and Leia. George and Amal. Kermit and Miss Piggy. Gomez and Morticia. History’s greatest couples rely on communication to make them so strong their power cannot be denied. But that’s not just true for people (or Muppets), it’s also true for lasers. According to new research from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, recently […]