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adminOctober 20, 20216min230
GEPRC, one of the most popular FPV drone brands just announced their new CineLog35 quadcopter specially designed to carry a full-size GoPro 10 camera. Its redesigned Whoop-style blade protectors provide low noise, less vibration, and improved durability. The GEPRC CineLog35 is available with types of FPV rigs. While the Analog version comes with a 5.8GHz […]

adminOctober 20, 20217min250
The BMW M135i xDrive hatchback gets a technical revision this month. And it all starts with retuned springs and dampers, precise tweaks to the chassis and an optimized soundtrack. The camber values for the front wheels of the BMW M135i xDrive have been increased to optimize absorption of lateral forces when powering through corners. Next, a […]

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adminOctober 20, 20216min210
A “highly sophisticated” hacking group called LightBasin has harvested mobile network data from at least 13 telecoms companies in the past two years, according to CrowdStrike researchers. The group, also known as UNC1945, was first revealed by Mandiant researchers in November 2020, who showed the hackers were targeting financial and professional consulting enterprises through compromising […]

adminOctober 20, 20219min210
Both Ethereum 2.0 and Polkadot are promising sharding-based protocols overcoming the scalability challenges facing legacy blockchains. Although slightly different, together, the Relay Chain and Beacon Chain represent another significant leap forward, especially for interoperability. Partitioning the Problem: Sharing the Load via Sharding Scalability has been a hotly debated topic after networks bumped up against the […]

adminOctober 20, 20212min220
Imagine stress-free dinner times. Well, now they can become a reality with the Samsung Bespoke Slide-In Gas and Electric Ranges. With Bixby, Alexa, and Google compatibility, you can control your oven by voice when you’re busy. Most impressively, these kitchen units feature a Smart Dial that learns your cooking behavior and preselects cooking modes, times, […]

adminOctober 19, 20218min310
Credit: CC0 Public Domain WhatsApp has become a lifeline for humanitarian aid and preserving ties between families torn asunder—making this month’s hours-long shutdown of the app, alongside other Facebook products, more than a mere inconvenience. Among Lebanon’s Syrian refugee households in 2017, 84% used WhatsApp to relay their needs to international organizations. The United Nations […]

adminOctober 19, 20215min270
Indy Autonomous Challenge No matter which team places first at the upcoming Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC), the real winner will be the open source architecture powering the cars. The autonomous racing event, which takes place this week, pits nine teams representing 21 universities against each other in high-stakes racing for a $1 million prize purse. “To […]

adminOctober 19, 20218min290
If you’ve been hoping to find a good Zino Mini Pro deal but just haven’t had any luck, allow us to help make things a bit easier for you. When it comes to drones, Hubsan offers some of the best DJI alternatives for the money with outstanding flight performance, great recording quality, […]

adminOctober 19, 20215min240
The E34-generation BMW M5 is an underappreciated, often forgotten M car among enthusiasts. Despite being a good car overall, there are a few reasons why the E34 M5 flew under the radar for awhile. For starters, its replacement — the E39 M5 — was far better and one of the greatest sport sedans in history. […]