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adminOctober 17, 202110min230
Credit: Shutterstock More than half of the most popular New Zealand websites may be unfairly manipulating visitors, according to our latest research into the use of “dark patterns” in sites with a “” domain name. While legal, dark patterns have been described as a type of online design employed to manipulate users into “making decisions […]

adminOctober 17, 20219min210
It’s been a few years since Google had lined up a Pixel lineup this ambitious, but here we are, days away. The October 19 event will see Google return the Pixel line to flagship status after a hiatus in 2020 with the Snapdragon 765G-equipped Pixel 5. The Pixel line will also get back to a […]

adminOctober 17, 20216min240
The Rolls-Royce Boat Tail is now labeled as the most expensive new vehicle ever made. In this modern era of automotive homogeneity, the Boat Tail is about as coachbuilt as you can get, as it was a clean-sheat design from the chassis up, for only three clients. Each of those clients also had their car […]

adminOctober 17, 20214min210
From the internet, to fibre or satellite communications and medical diagnostics, our everyday life relies on optical technologies. These technologies use optical pulsed sources to transfer, retrieve or compute information. Gaining control over optical pulse shapes thus paves the way for further advances. PhD student Bennet Fischer and postdoctoral researcher Mario Chemnitz, in the team […]

adminOctober 17, 20215min240
The digital asset company Bakkt Holdings has completed a merger with a firm called VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings and the combined business will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on October 18. Bakkt revealed it was aiming to go public last January, and the Bakkt listing on Monday will leverage the ticker […]

adminOctober 16, 202110min250
Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain You may have read recently that TikTok allegedly “serves up” sex and drug videos to minors. Media reports have described the video-sharing platform, which is designed predominantly for young people, as an “addiction machine” that promotes harmful content. In an investigation, reporters at the Wall Street Journal created 31 bot accounts […]

adminOctober 16, 20213min330
After just recently unveiling the budget Moto E40, Motorola is apparently also preparing to flesh out its G-series, with a Motorola G Pure already featured in recent leaks and now also joined by a Moto G71, as well as a G51. The Moto G71 was just recently spotted in an FCC filing, going by the […]

adminOctober 16, 202113min310
Global supply chains have been upturned in the last few years. Supply chain disruptions are now more common than ever. Robots offer an efficient solution to overcoming those disruptions. They can help you to reduce the complexity of your supply chain and improve its robustness. What type of supply chain disruptions can robots help with? […]

adminOctober 16, 20217min310
If there’s a genuine complaint with the G80 BMW M3 Competition (aside from its looks), it’d be with its exhaust note. Not that it’s bad — the S58 engine sounds far better than the outgoing S55 — but it lacks some character. It sort of sounds like generic engine/exhaust noise, especially from inside the cabin, […]