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adminOctober 15, 20217min210
BMW isn’t Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Porsche, in that it doesn’t have a ton of uber-high priced classics from its history. While there are a few expensive vintage Bimmers on the collector’s market, only the M1 has reached truly legendary status. However, some classic BMWs have started to creep up into surprisingly high price ranges. One […]

adminOctober 15, 20214min200
In the latest part of its programme to address the specialised connectivity needs of the small business community, Vodafone has launched Business Broadband Pro, a broadband and Wi-Fi service designed for small office and home office (SoHo) business customers with 1-9 employees. Large elements of the SoHo community have traditionally bought technology and services from […]

adminOctober 15, 20212min230
Enjoy the open road while wearing the Augusta & Adeline women’s motorcycle gear. This trailblazing women-owned performance apparel company raises the bar for the industry standard. These practical and timeless designs protect, support, and empower you on the open road. The collection is a sleek new take on the classics. It includes the Adeline Chaps […]

adminOctober 14, 20215min220
Facebook has released new anti-harassment protections as it battles a crisis over the impact of its products. Facebook unveiled fresh protections Wednesday against online attacks on journalists, activists and celebrities as the social media giant battles a crisis over its platforms’ potential harms. The company has faced a storm of criticism and a a Senate […]

adminOctober 14, 20213min220
Realme is having a launch event on October 19, when we’ll see the GT Neo2T smartphone, designed in partnership with sportswear and sports equipment giant Li-Ning. Today we also learn the stage will welcome the Realme Q3s smartphone, as well as the Realme Watch T1 wearble. According to sources from China, the Q3s will share […]

adminOctober 14, 20214min260
Laevo Exoskeletons A Dutch exoskeleton company is launching an updated model of an innovative unpowered exoskeleton for workers. The new product from Laevo, called the Flex V3, is compelling for a couple of reasons, but the big one may be that it’s attempting to solve well-known problems that have kept exoskeletons, once vaunted as a […]

adminOctober 14, 202130min310
Over the last few years, Gudsen MOZA has steadily improved its smartphone gimbals. The second-generation Mini MX2 continues the trend. It is the first stabilizer with a smart auto-sense phone holder and instant portrait/landscape transition. In a short time, Gudsen Technology became one of the most active and devoted players in the image stabilization industry. […]