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Beosound Balance Wireless Speaker has seven speakers.

Beosound Balance Wireless Speaker has seven speakers.

adminMarch 13, 20203min2320
adminMarch 13, 20203min2320
Beosound Balance

Bang & Olufsen presented the Beosound Balance home wireless loudspeaker. It is designed to play sound recordings in homes, with support for AirPlay 2 and Chromecast Multiroom, is suitable for creating multiroom systems.

The new speaker features a cylindrical 200mm diameter and 380mm high cabinet that looks like a designer desk lamp. The lower part of the case is covered with wood, the upper part is draped with an acoustically transparent fabric. Two different colours are available: light (“natural oak”) and dark (“black oak”).

Beosound Balance dark (“black oak”)

Beosound Balance box has seven speakers: two 5.25″ bass drivers, four wideband (2″ and 3″ each) and one 3/4″ tweeter. Audio amplification is provided by three separate 200W, 100W and 80W Class D amplifiers serving the bass, wideband and treble drivers respectively. The specified frequency range extends from 37 Hz to 23 kHz.

Beosound Balance light (“natural oak”)

For wired audio signal sources, Beosound Balance has mixed analogue and digital optical line input connector. In addition, a wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connection to mobile devices is available.

Beosound Balance can also be connected to a local network with Ethernet and Wi-Fi adapters (IEEE 802.11ac; 2.4 and 5 GHz). This model has a built-in microphone and supports the ability to work with Google Assistant.

Beosound Balance top view

To control the speaker in a more traditional way, touch buttons are placed on the top panel of the case. They are equipped with illumination which is switched on automatically at triggering the built-in proximity sensor.

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