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Best smart home gadgets under $200 » Gadget Flow

adminDecember 30, 202025min1730
adminDecember 30, 202025min1730

Looking for a way to make your life at home easier but don’t want to spend a fortune on a smart home system? Then you should read today’s roundup. It’s got our favorite, cost-effective products for a smarter home.

Smart home gadgets are a great way to fast-track your chores and increase your home’s security. The trouble is, these products can be pricey. Luckily, there are plenty of reasonably priced smart home gadgets out there. And that’s why today, we’re highlighting the best smart home gadgets under $200.

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You could go for a smart security camera that has face recognition and notifies you if there’s a stranger at the front door. Or, for a smarter way to cook, this intelligent microwave connects to Wi-Fi and Alexa for hands-free operation. Any of the products on this list can make your home life simpler. Let’s take a look at them.

Flic 2 Smart Home Buttons Starter Kit

Control all of your devices with the push of a button when you have the Flic 2 Smart Home Buttons Starter Kit. This kit lets you control 1,000+ apps with a button. The buttons let you push, double push, and hold. The starter kit lets you operate up to three devices.

Sharp Smart Countertop Microwave Ovens

Another of our favorite smart home gadgets under $200 are the Sharp Smart Countertop Microwave Ovens. The microwaves in this series have Wi-Fi and Alexa connectivity and let you cook your food completely hands free. Just ask Alexa to cook your veggies and heat your pizza.

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Security Camera

Keep your home safe with the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Security Camera. It has a siren that automatically sounds in an emergency, along with many other features that boost your home’s security. You’ll love the crystal-clear images and 2K videos with HDR.

Logitech Circle View Wired Doorbell

The Logitech Circle View Wired Doorbell is another of the best smart home gadgets under $200. It’s the first HomeKit doorbell with Apple HomeKit Secure video. This way, you’ll always know who’s at your front door. And with Face Recognition, this doorbell alerts you if your visitor is someone you don’t know.

EZVIZ C4W Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Camera

Give yourself and your family a better sense of security at home with the EZVIZ C4W Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Camera. Its Active Defense feature has a light and siren to thwart intruders. It also sends notifications to your phone. Best of all, the smart Wi-Fi camera features 1,080p Full HD resolution for high-quality footage.

MESHLE flex Smart Bluetooth LED Controller

The MESHLE flex uses built-in Bluetooth mesh technology. Simply plug it into an LED light strip with the standard 4-pin connector and pair it with the app. From there, you can control the lights easily and effortlessly right from your smartphone. This includes colors, timers, schedules, and more. The app even comes with preset themes or you can create your own. Incredibly, you can even set the lights to music.

MESHLE flex Smart Bluetooth LED Controller

MESHLE flex smart Bluetooth LED controller in use

Vivint Ping Indoor Security Camera

Get smart detection for your home with the Vivint Ping Indoor Security Camera. The smart motion detection feature auto-records 20-second clips when someone enters its field of vision. Then, you can view the footage in the mobile app.


Wake up naturally with another of our best smart home gadgets under $200, the AROMEO Sense. This smart home gadget combines aroma, light, and sound therapy to create a soothing sleep environment. It comes with three preset modules: Sleep, Relax, and Focus.

Nest Thermostat 2020

Save up to 15% on your energy bills when you have the Nest Thermostat 2020. This updated Nest Thermostat is simpler to use than previous versions and more cost-effective. It features a built-in voice assistant, notifies you when it’s time to change the air filter, and informs you about issues with your HVAC system.

TCL Alto 6+ Roku TV Soundbar

The TCL Alto 6+ Roku TV Soundbar is on our list of the best smart home gadgets under $200 because it features specialized sound modes depending on what you’re watching and the environmental conditions. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can enjoy wireless streaming.

TCL Alto 6+ Roku TV Soundbar

TCL Alto 6+ Roku TV soundbar in a living room setup

Apple HomePod mini

Enjoy computational audio with the Apple HomePod mini. This smart speaker analyzes your music to adjust dynamic range, optimize audio, and control dynamic and passive radiators. It also provides a 360-degree acoustic waveguide for consistent sound.

tado° Smart AC Control V3+ Infrared Remote

Stay comfortable and save energy at the same time with the tado° Smart AC Control V3+ Infrared Remote. This gadget connects to your air conditioner and your internet. It watches your local weather and adjusts your cooling if it’s cool or windy outside.

Acer Halo Smart Speaker

The Acer Halo Smart Speaker is another great product on our roundup of the best smart home gadgets under $200. It provides sound in all 360 degrees and has DTS sound. What’s more, this gadget is compatible with Google Assistant for ease of use.

Acer Halo Smart Speaker

Acer Halo smart speaker design

So, are you ready to have a smarter home for a fraction of the price? We sure are. Let us know which of these products you’re adding to your shopping list in the comments.

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