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C-fly Faith 2 Pro review: All you can wish from a $300 drone

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adminJanuary 31, 202128min5600

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Since the first rumors have been launched regarding the C-fly Faith 2 Pro, I wanted to review it. I even contacted its manufacture and offered my tester services. I liked that, in addition to the 4K camera, it promises an impressive of up to 35 minutes flight time. In terms of flight range, it is also over most similar budged drones. Practically it has all the things you could wish from a $300 drone.

C-Fy is not a well-known drone brand. Their portfolio includes only 4 brushless drones: Faith 2, Faith 1, Dream, and Smart Pro. Some of their products are also sold under different brands. For example, the first generation Faith can be found as JJRC X12 and Eachine X4. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they extended the product range with an infrared non-contact thermometer and fingertip pulse oximeter.

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C-fly Faith 2 Pro highlights

  • Compact size with folding arms;
  • GPS+GLONASS positioning;
  • Visual positioning system (Optica flow + Ultrasonic);
  • True 4K camera with 3-axis image stabilization;
  • Creative quick shot modes;
  • About 35 minutes of battery life;
  • Up to 5KM (FCC) flight range.

Review introduction

C-fly Faith 2 Pro drone review

Disclosure: I received this quadcopter from RCGoing, to test it and do an in-depth review. Although the product was offered for free, all opinions in this article remain my own, with no influence from our partners.

The package arrived smoothly in just 10 days at the front of my door, without additional taxes or laborious custom clearance. The box was additionally protected by double-layer bubble wrap. RCGoing receives 5 stars again for order processing.


C-Fly packs with the Faith 2 Pro a nice and handy bag. In addition to the drone and its transmitter, the following accessories are included: gimbal guard, flight battery, charger adapter, USB charging cable, and 1 pair of spare propellers with bolts. Other reviewers also received a phone holder extension bar. The handbag comes with a removable shoulder strap and can accommodate up to 3 spare batteries, a charger adapter, and other small accessories. It has a large zipped pocket on the outside.

Unboxing the Faith 2 Pro drone

In terms of design, somehow reminds me of the DJI Spark. With folded arms it measures 182x255x74mm, being only a bit larger than an adult’s palm. Weighting 530 grams (1.1 lbs) requires registration in most countries, including the US and Canada. Its folding mechanism works much smoother than the one I found on the SJRC F11 4K Pro.

The micro SD card slot is behind a tiny rubber flap that protects from dust and prevents losing the TF memory card accidentally.

C-Fly Faith 2 Pro VS SJRC F11 4K Pro

Its long-service life brushless motors are installed with foldable propellers. In addition to the optical flow camera, there are two ultrasonic sensors on the fuselage’s belly. These should allow stable indoor hovering. It has only 3 LED lights, one under each frontal arm, plus one on the back of the battery, which helps orientation.

The orange color makes it visible both in the sky and on the ground (whether covered with snow or grass).

Price, availability, and options

RCGoing offers the Faith 2 Pro drone in 3 colors (orange, blue, and black) with up to 3 flight batteries. Starting price for the ‘Standard’ edition with one battery is $310.99. This price includes all the accessories shown in this review. For extra 80 bucks, you can opt for the ‘Fly More Combo’ pack with two more batteries, which provides about 100 minutes of playtime. A set of spare propellers can be ordered for $5.99.

Price and Availability

Camera and image quality

The C-fly Faith 2 Pro’s camera is based on a powerful Ambarella A12 imaging processor and a Sony CMOS image sensor. It can capture 20MP photos (5120*3840) in JPEG /JPEG+DNG formats and 4K videos (3840×[email protected]) with up to 60Mpbs. Thanks to its 3-axis (pitch +30/-120°, roll ±35°, direction ±30°), you can remotely change the camera angle from -90 to 0°. The micro SD card slot can take memory cards with up to 128GB.

4K camera with 3-axis gimbal

Unfortunately, all video/photo settings are in ‘auto’ mode. The current version of the Faith 2 APP does not allow any image quality settings. I didn’t find even where to toggle between JPEG  and JPEG+DNG mode.

At the end of my review, you can find few ‘RAW’ sample videos recorded with the Faith 2 Pro drone to evaluate the provided image quality personally.

Remote controller and range

The beauty of the C-fly Faith 2 Pro’s controller consists in the fact that it works like a WiFi repeater. Practically, your phone talks with the drone through the transmitter. This technique should provide much reliable communication over longer distances (at least theoretically). C-fly claims that their Faith 2 Pro has an up to 5Km (3.1 miles) flight range in FCC mode. This approach is more than welcomed because Apple is mulling removing the Lightning port from the new iPhone models in favor of wireless charging. If these rumors are true, DJI needs to rethink its wired downlink connection.

Remote controller

There are only 4 buttons (RTH, Take-off/Land, Pause, and GPS On/Off) in addition to the usual control sticks and power switch. There is no status display, unfortunately. The RC is powered by a built-in battery, which can be recharged through the micro USB port. By default, the transmitter comes in mode2 (throttle left), but you can toggle it to mode 1 if you prefer it more.

It has one shoulder button on each side. While the left one allows taking photos, the right one starts/stops video recording. Additionally, there is a dial-knob that allows changing the camera’s angle.

Transmitter true antenna

Antennas are genuine so, before the flight, you need to unfold them as described in the user manual. I performed 3 range tests at a different flight altitude. I got the best range at 70 meters.

C-FLY2 mobile APP

In addition to live-view (FPV), the C-FLY2 APP provides detailed telemetry information such as flight altitude, speed, distance, and battery life. From the APP, you can also activate all the intelligent flight modes. As previously mentioned, there are no manual camera settings (exposure, ISO, frame rate, or resolution). I hope that these features will be included in the next software update.

C-Fly 2 APP

C-fly Faith 2 Pro review: Battery life

According to C-Fly, the Faith 2 Pro drone is powered by a 3 cell 3100mAh battery that should allow up to 35 minutes of crossing time. The LIPO pack has 4 charging level indicator LEDs and a power button.

Faith 2 Pro flight time

Before the maiden flight, I did a hovering test to check if everything is OK with the drone and to test the real battery life. The C-fly Faith 2 force-landed after 27 minutes when the battery level reached 10%. It was quite windy during the test, so, on a calm day could reach 30 minutes or even more. Sadly, the charging process from 10 to 100% takes about 5-6 hours. I think I will mod the charging adapter by adding a balance port for faster charging.

Flight experience

After the hovering test, I performed with a short-range proximity maiden flight. The good news is that you don’t need to calibrate it every flight like in the case o similar GPS enabled drones. It is ready to fly off the box. Locking GPS for RTH is almost instantly done. Another fact that truly impressed me was its speed. This thing flies really fast, maybe too fast for cinematic footage. I expected FPV to be stable and reliable, instead was glitchy, similar to the traditional (phone to drone) WIFI communication. Ben from RCGoing told me that the C-Fly works on an upgrade that will improve image transmission.

Due to the low gimbal ground clearance (~2cm), it requires a perfectly flat ground for take-off. Otherwise, the gimbal fails the initialization process.

By default, flight altitude is limited to 120 meters, but you can override this safety feature from the C-FLY2 APP, enabling 500 meters top altitude. For indoor flights, you can disable GPS, but remember in this mode fail-safe RTH is disabled!

Flight performance

Intelligent flight modes

The C-fly Faith 2 Pro features plenty of intelligent flight modes. In addition to the usual Follow me, Orbit, and Wyapoing modes it comes with DJI-like quick shot modes: Rocket, Dronie, Spiral, Helix, and Boomerang. Unfortunately, these mods do not work exactly like on my Mavic Air 2 drone. Instead of drawing a rectangle around the subject, you need to place the subject in a predefined rectangle. Its tracking software isn’t perfect. During my tests, it lost the subject quite often.

Editor’s ratings

  • Price/performance ratio

  • Design and build quality

  • Intelligent flight modes

  • Transmitter

  • Range

  • Camera

  • Battery life


The C-fly Faith 2 Pro drone does exactly what it promises. It has a good control range, excellent battery life, and decent camera performance. Its WIFI down-link communication has potential but isn’t perfect at all.

It flies perfectly out-of-the-box. You don’t need to calibrate it before every flight. Thanks to the dual-satellite positioning (GPS+GLONASS) and visual positioning (optical + ultrasonic), it hovers super-stable in any environment (indoor/outdoor).

My only complaint is regarding the lack of manual camera settings. Despite that it comes with a versatile Ambarella image processor and Sony CMOS sensor, you can’t adjust things like exposure and ISO.

User Review

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Review verdict

Reason to buy

  • UHD 4K recording with 3-axis gimbal stabilization;
  • Fly perfectly out of the box;
  • Remote controller with WiFi repeater mode;
  • Decent battery life;
  • Outstanding flight speed;
  • Intelligent flight modes (Follow me, Orbit and Waypoints);
  • Creative quick-shoot modes (Skyrocket, Flyaway, Spiral, Comet, and Circle).

Reason to avoid

  • A bit overpriced;
  • No multiple flight speed rates;
  • APP lacks in-camera settings;
  • It takes an eternity to charge fully (about 5 hours).

Photo gallery

C-fly Faith 2 Pro alternatives

In the 300-$400 price range, you can find the first generation Hubsan Zino and the FIMI X8 drones. Both alternatives are from established drone brands and feature similar characteristics as the Faith Pro 2.

C-Fly Faith 2 Pro Alternatives

If you are looking for a sub 250g drone, the Mavic MINI is an excellent choice. Now you can find it for $399, and it has a 2.7K camera with lots of quick shot modes. For a tight budget, you can check the SJRC F11 and ZLRC SG906 series.

C-Fly Faith 2 Pro sample footage

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