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adminSeptember 26, 20219min90
Buying a BMW can be an exciting moment, but we always need to take in the consideration the cost of insurance, which on some cases, could be quite expensive. The cost of a BMW car insurance is based on various factors, ranging from age or credit score to driving record. Add to the this equation […]

adminSeptember 22, 20216min600
The BMW iX is supposed to be the brand’s new flagship electric car, which also means that it needs to be BMW’s technological flagship. So it has to be more than just some electric X5, it needs to be forward thinking, it needs to have clever designs, and it needs to have some cool features […]

adminSeptember 21, 20216min540
Who doesn’t love a good ALPINA? As BMW fans, the quirky boutique manufacturer of specialized Bimmers holds an especially dear place in our hearts. While the cars have obviously changed quite a bit over the years, becoming a bit more luxurious and so monstrously powerful that they can even make their M Division counterparts feel […]

adminSeptember 20, 202110min520
The BMW M5 Competition has just gone through a facelift, but compared to some of other new BMW models it still retained a “safe” and widely embraced design. The iconic BMW kidney grille and double headlamps continue to shine on the F90 M5, and if you add the massive power under the hood, you can […]

adminSeptember 19, 20218min470
The first ever production series BMW M3 Touring will arrive in 2023. The G81 M3 Sports Wagon is scheduled to make its online debut in 2022, but production won’t kick off until Q4 of next year. First things first. According to some of our sources, the BMW M3 Touring is not coming to the US […]

adminSeptember 17, 20217min440
Now that the EPA has released its official range rating for the Lucid Air Dream Edition, all other EVs now seem hilariously inferior. That’s because the California brand’s top-end EV has a max range of an astonishing 520 miles. There are no two ways about it, that’s an incredibly impressive range. Forget the BMW iX […]

adminSeptember 16, 20215min470
A while back, I had the chance to test drive the Genesis GV80, the brand’s X5-fighting SUV. As it turned out, I liked it very much and, of all the Genesis vehicles I’ve driven, it’s one of my favorites. In fact, it’s on my short list of the best SUVs on the market. It truly […]

adminSeptember 7, 20217min420
BMW took a different turn at the Munich-hosted IAA Mobility show, presenting a concept that’s meant to be 100% recyclable. It’s a different approach because it goes further than just making an electric car. The difficult part of making cars more eco-friendly isn’t limited to just cutting tailpipe emissions to zero, but also making the […]