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adminNovember 25, 20203min150
Liftoff: Drone Racing will teach you what it is like to start your own drone racing career. This new fast-paced drone racing simulator for consoles offers different game modes for single-player and multiplayer for up to 6 players and is the perfect alternative to fly a drone on bad weather days. […]

adminNovember 24, 20208min130
Priced for only US$135.99, the GEELANG LIGO78X is currently one of the most affordable brushless CineWhoop that can carry an Insta360 Go camera. It comes in the box with two types of camera mounts. While the red bracket is suitable to install the Insta360 Go in a vertical position, the blue one […]

adminNovember 23, 202029min280
My HGLRC Sector 5 V3 review covers all my personal experiences from unboxing to first flight. Besides some facelift, the third generation Sector 5 brings upgraded hardware and GPS feature which provides failsafe RTH (Return To Home). Like its predecessors, the Sector 5 V3 also has two power options and multiple FPV setups. While 4S […]

adminNovember 22, 202016min180
The next time you are out flying a mission during civil twilight, or under a daylight waiver to 14 CFR Part 107, spare a thought for the people who design your beacons. As drone pilots, we demand a lot from our strobes: they should be bright as the sun, light as a feather, tough as […]

adminNovember 20, 20209min170
The LYZRC L106 Pro adopts a similar foldable design to its bigger brother the L109 Pro, but with brushed motors instead of a more reliable brushless one. This compromise allowed for reducing the overall take-off weight below 250 grams. Despite its attractive price ($99.99), the L106 Pro drone features a dual-positioning system […]

adminNovember 19, 20205min230
FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is reminding everyone whose drone registrations expire in December that the DroneZone is the FAA’s official website for registration. If you completed your drone registration directly with the FAA before the DroneZone was established in January 2018, a DroneZone account was created for you using the information you […]