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adminMarch 6, 20211min40
Do you need a force sensor for your chosen robot application? Some robot tasks benefit from the addition of force sensing. Others do not require a force sensor at all. If you are planning to deploy a new robot to your business, you might be wondering: Will the sense of touch will be beneficial for […]

adminMarch 5, 20215min360
A new anti-drone kit billed as the Swiss Army Knife of drone defenses just debuted from French company CERBAIR. The drone detection and mitigation tool—the business end of which is a hip-fired electromagnetic rifle—is emblematic of a growing urgency to develop security tools for guarding against rogue drone attacks. The prevalence and growing sophistication of […]

adminFebruary 27, 202116min120
Is the DoF forum only for serious robotics topics? Not at all! A bunch of fun and unusual discussions in the community have come up in the forum’s history. Since starting the DoF community back in 2016, we have experienced many varied and interesting discussions about all aspects of robotics. While the vast majority of […]

adminFebruary 26, 20216min110
Flying cars got another step closer to reality when a prominent player in the space pledged to create an Urban Air Mobility network over California’s largest city by 2024. Archer, which is designing and developing electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft that can carry passengers for 60 miles at speeds of up to 150 […]

adminFebruary 24, 20215min170
AI can do a lot of things extremely well. One thing that it can do just okay — which, frankly, is still quite extraordinary — is write college term papers. That’s the finding from EduRef, a resource for students and educators, which ran an experiment to determine if a deep learning language prediction model known […]

adminFebruary 23, 20216min150
Farming is a tough business. Global food demand is surging, with as many as 10 billion mouths to feed by 2050. At the same time, environmental challenges and labor limitations have made the future uncertain for agricultural managers. A new company called Future Acres proposed to enable farmers to do more with less through the power of […]

adminFebruary 19, 202112min140
Force sensing and force control are increasingly used in the broad field of robotics, although only a minority of robots today make use of this exciting technology. In this post, I’ll provide an overview of the history of force sensing and force control in robotics. Before diving in, let’s first look at why force sensing […]

adminFebruary 18, 20215min140
The pandemic has accelerated the spread of autonomous checkout as developers rush to take advantage of a market need. In 2021, expect even some local stores to begin adopting the technology, which forgoes the cashier and checkout process entirely in favor of a seamless grab-and-go shopping experience. The latest example comes in the form of […]

adminFebruary 17, 20216min120
Can automation technologies help end dangerous inconsistencies in how surgeries are performed? Advances in robotics offer a glimpse at what the future of medicine will look like, but ensuring surgeons are adequately trained and distributed globally is a more pressing goal, and one for which AI and machine vision are well-suited. Health & Wellness Own […]