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adminSeptember 17, 20206min60
A developer of space-age propulsion systems for a new wave of small satellites is getting ready for an important production run. Orbion Space Technology, whose Hall-effect thrusters may soon be a key component of inexpensive small nanosatellites, will with a Blue Canyon Technologies (BCT), a developer of space technology, to manufacturing satellites for DARPA’s Blackjack satellite constellation program. […]

adminSeptember 16, 20205min150
A company that makes an innovative rotary internal combustion engine just received a Phase I research grant from the U.S. Army to develop hybrid-electric propulsion for UAVs. The development underscores the central place the drones will play in modern warfare, as well as the fact that we’re going to see a lot of drone innovation […]

adminSeptember 14, 202011min110
Bin picking. You might have heard that it’s the next big step in robotics — an application that allows your robot to automatically detect, sort, and grasp objects that are scattered at random in a box (or bin). There are probably several applications you can think of that would be perfect for bin picking. But, […]

adminSeptember 12, 20204min230
Smart contact lenses are a sci-fi trope, but they may also offer hope for sufferers of certain kinds of debilitating eye ailments. That’s the goal of new research into a a tunable, low-powered iris embedded in a smart contact lens. It’s a good example of the growing role of nanotechnology in human augmentation and therapeutics. […]

adminSeptember 11, 20205min150
Can we get more out of collaborative robots? That’s the question that drove a new universal AI operating system two years in the making designed to make existing robots smarter and self-learning. Collaborative robots have been, in many ways, the poster child of the most recent wave of automation. Where industrial robots have long been […]

adminSeptember 10, 20204min320
New data released by the Association for Advancing Automation (A3) and ITR Economics suggest that even robots, which in many ways have been the darling technology of the pandemic, are not immune from stagnating sales. The data indicates a substantial year-to-date decline in robotics, machine vision, and motion control orders compared to last year. Released as part of the Global […]

adminSeptember 9, 20204min250
There are few pursuits more taxing for team and driver than keeping an open-wheel race car on the track while competing at speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour. But take the human driver out of the equation and the enormity of challenge balloons. That is exactly the point of the Indy Autonomous Challenge […]

adminSeptember 5, 20205min160
As the hotel and hospitality sectors are suffering under pandemic-related travel and recreation restrictions, an outlier may point the way to a new paradigm for hotel guests. It’s efficient, sanitary, and oh so impersonal. The company, Jurny, Inc., creates SaaS-based management solutions for short-term rentals. Its triple-digit growth during the pandemic is an early clue of […]

adminSeptember 3, 20204min240
If you zoom out, the drone landscape is positively dominated by DJI, the Chinese drone giant that claims more than 70% market share. But if you move a little closer, you’ll find fissures in the market where smaller players have made a big impact. High end security is one such niche, and the new name […]