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adminSeptember 27, 202113min110
News briefs for the week take a look at Chewy automating its warehouses, XAG’s multi-purpose, all-electric farm bot, more all-electric robot tech for weeding, recycling’s smaller footprint, robotics’ “iPhone Moment”, and Addverb Technologies expands and goes global.     Chewy adds goods-to-person robotics These days, even pets need e-commerce deliveries; and the global $232 billion […]

adminSeptember 26, 202112min120
Percepto The alarming increase in the occurrence of wildfires isn’t going away. In fact, fire frequencies are projected to increase by approximately 27% globally by 2050. Areas such as North America, Northern Eurasia, and Australia are deemed to be most susceptible to wildfires, making finding effective methods to respond to them increasingly more important. Increasingly, […]

adminSeptember 25, 20215min80
KEWAZO Did you know there’s a $50 billion global scaffolding industry? Nearly all of it is put up manually. That makes scaffolding, the exterior structure used during building and maintenance, a prime target for automation. A company called Kewazo is finding success with a materials handling robot aimed at scaffolding installation called Liftbot. The company just closed […]

adminSeptember 22, 202111min570
Bedrock As robots become more prevalent, demand for mechanical and computer engineers who work on autonomous systems is growing. In fact, it’s projected that the number of jobs in the field will grow 9% between 2016 and 2026, leading to a shortage of qualified engineers.  That’s a real opportunity for new talent entering the workforce […]

adminSeptember 21, 20215min490
A2Z One of the big concerns about drone delivery concerns the spinning rotors, which are a huge potential liability to people, pets, and property if things go awry. But what if delivery drones didn’t have to land? That’s the concept behind A2Z Drone Delivery, LLC’s tethered freefall drone delivery mechanism, which is the backbone of […]

adminSeptember 20, 20215min530
Leica Geosystems Leica Geosystems has two new autonomous hardware products that are pushing robots to bold new places. Announced recently is a flying UAV laser scanning sensor and a reality capture product for robots, including SPOT from Boston Dynamics. The flying sensor is called BLK2FLY, and Leica Geosystems, which is a brand of global information […]

adminSeptember 19, 20215min650
Renu Robotics How do you stop weeds from overtaking that multi-million dollar solar facility? Thanks to a confluence of sensor developments and automation technologies, the answer is to call in the robots. The problem is a big one, the kind of logistical strain that lives in the seams of enterprises and doesn’t get much attention. […]

adminSeptember 17, 20215min520
Archer Urban air mobility developers tend to wince at the term “flying car,” but it’s going to be a tough moniker to escape in the next few years. That’s because air taxis (slightly more palatable for the air mobility set) are taking off in a real way. That point is underlined in an ambitious new […]

adminSeptember 16, 20215min470
Piestro A leading autonomous pizza machine developer is teaming up with an international pizza brand run by world-renowned chef Anthony Carron. 800 Degrees Pizza will be offering consumers a fully automated experience and an authentic, custom pizza recipe designed for robotic cooking technology that’s eager to move on the market in the near future. The pandemic has […]

adminSeptember 7, 20215min260
Carbon Robotics An autonomous laser-powered weeder is attracting big green from investors. Carbon Robotics recently announced it secured $27 million in Series B financing to help in its quest to eliminate weeds without herbicides. Weeds are a blight to gardens but an even bigger scourge for commercial food production. It’s estimated that weeds cause a […]