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adminNovember 24, 20205min130
Industrial inspection continues to be a driver of growth in the automation sector. Case in point, a $45M Series B for Percepto, which makes a drone-in-a-box system for inspection and monitoring.  The fundraise comes as Percepto expands its footprint in autonomous inspection via its Percepto’s Autonomous Inspection & Monitoring (AIM) platform, which harnesses third-party remote robotics. Along […]

adminNovember 23, 20205min160
My motorcycle accident was a classic, the scenario you hear about in rider safety programs and read about on forums. I was cruising down a four-lane city street with no traffic in my direction but bumper-to-bumper gridlock in the oncoming lanes. At a dogleg in the road I rounded a corner to find a car […]

adminNovember 18, 20207min280
A company called WiBotic, which makes advanced wireless charging and fleet energy management solutions for technologies like drones and industrial robots, announced a major partnership to develop wireless charging solutions for robots on the moon. WiBotic will join in the $5.8 million contract with space robotics company Astrobotic, Bosch, and the University of Washington as […]

adminNovember 17, 20204min330
Imagine the headache of physically retrieving a paper file from a large records room stuffed full of files. Now expand the problem by imagining a 250,000 square foot facility full of 360,000 filing bins stuffed with paper records.  Not interesting enough? Well, these aren’t just any files, but sensitive law enforcement records that could be […]

adminNovember 14, 202012min210
How much does it really cost to deploy a palletizing robot? Is the price tag really the true amount that you’ll pay? Or are there extras you need to factor in? As you are reading this article, it’s likely that you have already done some significant thinking around whether or not robotic palletizing is right […]

adminNovember 13, 20205min260
Big grocery chains are booming, and a large part of that is expanded rollout of delivery and online ordering. So how are small grocers staying alive during COVID-19? A whopping 50% of consumers are now shopping online, which means local grocers, often competing in the same markets for the same customers as big chains, have […]

adminNovember 11, 20204min140
Lidar, visual, acoustic, thermal: The battle of the sensors continues to rage among autonomous vehicle developers, and sensor development is pushing the technology forward while lowering prices and footprint. While the AV space is being watched closely, all that activity in the sensor market is opening new opportunities in adjacent spaces. A good illustration comes […]

adminNovember 10, 20206min230
One of the most promising implementations of retail automation has come to a screeching halt. Last week, news broke that mega-retailer Walmart was ending a lucrative contract with robotics firm Bossa Nova, which makes a shelf-scanning robot meant to streamline brick-and-mortar inventory management and bring new efficiencies to physical retailers in the age of ecommerce. […]

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adminNovember 6, 202011min380
Is your business ready for cobot palletizing? How can you tell if a palletizing cobot will suit you? Maybe your people are spending far too much time on manual palletizing. You think a robot might help. Or maybe you’ve just heard about robot palletizing. You’re curious about whether it might meet your business needs. You’re […]

adminNovember 4, 20206min290
Time and again, biological-inspired design proves the secret to unlocking the potential of manmade creations. That fact is reinforced in a next-gen drone inspired by the wing and tail shape of birds of prey, as well as flight behavior. The resulting drone, modeled after the northern goshawk, flies with heretofore unseen agility for a drone […]