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adminFebruary 22, 202114min150
Before you can write tests with the TestProject OpenSDK, you have to choose the test automation framework, get the required dependencies, and figure out a way to build and run your tests. This blog posts describes how you create a new TestProject OpenSDK project when you want to write your tests with Junit 5. After […]

adminFebruary 18, 202113min100
This blog post provides an introduction to the TestProject OpenSDK. After you have read this blog post, you: Know what TestProject OpenSDK is. Can identify the benefits of using the TestProject OpenSDK. Understand how the TestProject OpenSDK works. Know what are the main differences between the TestProject SDK1 and the TestProject OpenSDK. Let’s begin. This […]

adminFebruary 2, 20216min170
In discussing requirements on any project, it’s important to realize there are really three different types of requirements. First are the known requirements. These are the requirements users tell us about. Analysts have honed good techniques over the years for gathering a project’s known requirements: interviews, story-writing workshops, open-ended questions, and more. But we’re fallible. […]

adminJanuary 4, 20212min200
Technology has evolved to cater and adapt to the utmost of our convenience. And this is something we at Anadea are especially good at – we specialize in designing, building, and maintaining digital solutions for any business in a range of industries. Our mission is simple— to work respectfully and honestly along with our customers […]

adminOctober 1, 202023min520
Due to the growing popularity of reactive approaches to software development, programmers are now turning with more and more interest to React JS – open-source JavaScript library that solves problem of fast visualization of a big dataflow and simplifies creation of interactive user interfaces. When it is needed to display dynamic content, template engines are […]

adminSeptember 29, 20205min380
You’ve asked for it and we’re doing it: A Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) course held virtually in a time zone that is suitable for all our friends in Europe. The course will be held on 19–20 October (Monday and Tuesday). Two sessions are held each day from 9:00 a.m. to noon and 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 […]