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adminMay 12, 202219min33
Although more and more people tend to plan their travels without side help – for some, it is not less exciting than traveling per se – travel agents still have their share of work. Software for travel booking and accounting is designed to automate travel agents’ routine and make their work more efficient, as well […]

adminMay 3, 202222min38
Homeowners rent out their property for guests to make reservations directly. Such a simple concept has become a breakthrough back in 2008 when the first version of the Airbnb website was launched. In 2012, when the website got a mobile app for Android, things went even better, and for a decade already, the demand for […]

adminApril 20, 202218min43
If you are having a thought about placing your business on the web, your second thought will probably be about finding a web developer to help you. On where to find a web developer for your project and how to say the right one for you, we will be speaking in this post. Table of […]

adminApril 18, 202219min24
IT startup Nowadays IT startups are probably the most popular topic for people who would like to build their business. The road to success looks pretty clear: first of all, you need to get a nice business idea that can really help to fix some of neverendless human problems, find a couple of bucks for […]

adminFebruary 24, 202210min35
Usually, it’s the cost of custom development that interests entrepreneurs the most. It takes the time and skills of a whole team of specialists to develop a healthcare app, be it a fitness tracker or an EMR system. Below, you’ll find all you need to know before building a health app, including many aspects that […]

adminFebruary 11, 202223min44
Image source: Dribbble – Anadea There are many things money can’t buy. Still, everyone aims at saving and multiplying their capital. For that, mobile apps for budget management are highly demanded these days. Learn how to build a personal finance app that’s gonna be a success and what you need to start. Table of Contents […]

adminFebruary 9, 202211min580
Today’s blog post is from Ken Rubin, author of the Amazon best seller, Essential Scrum. Here Ken offers us seven strategies for reducing or eliminating the impact of dependencies on large agile projects. I’ve known and worked with Ken for over 20 years and learn something from him every time we interact. I’m sure you’ll […]

adminDecember 9, 202112min310
Code that’s initially flawless is almost as real as unicorns. Even NASA has malfunctions. Neglecting Quality Assurance (QA) can result in serious challenges. Below, you’ll find out who is in charge of the quality of your software product and why QA is essential on IT projects. Table of Contents Who are QA Engineers? Benefits of […]