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Google introduced the first smartphone with a motion sensor

adminOctober 20, 20192min1740
adminOctober 20, 20192min1740
Google smartphone

Google introduced the Pixel 4 smartphone. The model is equipped with a motion sensor and an improved camera. The novelty will go on sale on October 24, the starting price will be $799
Google representative Sabrina Ellis noted that the Pixel 4 is the first smartphone equipped with a radar sensor, which responds to movements. The sound of the call can now be turned off by a wave of the hand, and the face recognition system starts to work as soon as the hand reaches for the device.

The smartphone camera supports HDR technology, is equipped with heat exchange and telephoto lens, improved portrait shooting and the ability to create better pictures in low light.

Voice recorder of the Pixel 4 has also been upgraded. It’s not only recording audio, but it also creates a transcript of what it heard in real time.

Ellis said that the new smartphone will be available in three sizes with the same feature set. There will also be three colors – black, white and orange. Sending of the new Pixel is scheduled for October 24. It is possible to leave a pre-order now.

The previous model of Pixel smartphones was introduced in 2018.

Earlier it was reported that the company Samsung Display Co. is going to invest $ 11 billion in the development and production of new generation displays.

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