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Google mistakenly published new Android 11 details

Google mistakenly published new Android 11 details

adminFebruary 14, 20203min1580
adminFebruary 14, 20203min1580
Google mistakenly published new Android 11 details

Despite attempts of insiders to find out more information about the Android 11 operating system, Google tries to prevent leaks. But one mistake by the administrators of the developer section led to a list of innovations related to the operating system on the Internet, and the authors of applications were asked to try the operating system itself.
For several hours a special section of the official Google website for developers was decorated with an invitation to test Android 11 Developer Preview, but then the company closed the page, returning the previous description of the advantages and features of Android 10.

Android 11 details

It seems that there was a random false start at Google and the offer was published too early. However, insiders have linked this situation to the fact that the first beta versions of the new operating system this year will be available much earlier than it was with Android 10.

Among the features that were mentioned in the description for Android 11, it is necessary to pay attention to a few key points:

  • changing the application’s operation after its release under the new OS;
  • improved protection of user privacy – this will be considered by the app developers after the release of Android 11;
  • new APIs related to data uploading, media processing, biometrics, NNAPI and other functions.

It is also important to note that there is an issue related to the work of the new OS interface on smartphones with flexible displays. Google has already created an SDK and emulator for devices like Samsung Galaxy Fold, and with the release of Android 11 the corporation plans to improve support for such gadgets.

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