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Google patented name of the new operating system

Google patented name of the new operating system

adminFebruary 8, 20202min1890
adminFebruary 8, 20202min1890

Google has applied to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for registration of the Pigweed trademark. The documents indicate that “computer operating software” will appear under this identification.

In translation, pigweed is an amaranth, an annual herbaceous plant with small flowers. What lies behind the new brand, besides its name, can only be guessed.

Pigweed-operating software

Perhaps Pigweed has something to do with Fuchsia, the new Google operation which is also under development. This platform is being created as a replacement for the out-of-date Android, which will fit a variety of devices and will have a more advanced core and voice control functions. In November last year in the code of the project was found a reference to pigweed, which was soon removed and replaced back to fuchsia.

It is also not clear when a new branded product can be announced. The Android brand was registered just five days before its launch in 2007, while Chromebook was registered a couple of months before chrombooks shipments began in 2011. Meanwhile, the rights to Fuchsia were granted to the company more than two years ago, but the OS has still not been officially introduced.

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