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KLIGIT everyday tool helps to promote focus and reduce anxiety » Gadget Flow

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adminOctober 28, 202011min1560

Looking for a new gadget that stimulates creativity and reduces anxiety while offering antimicrobial properties? Then the KLIGIT everyday tool is a must-have that fits in your pocket and offers a solution to finding lost items and avoiding touching public surfaces. Continue reading to find out what else it offers.

In an age where we’re so busy, we can become anxious or bored when we have some downtime. This can result in overthinking, biting nails, or reaching for your smartphone to keep your hands and mind busy. The KLIGIT everyday tool avoids these moments by providing mental stimulation, entertainment, and liberation from stress when you’re not preoccupied with work. This EDC gadget is a revamp of a fidget spinner and helps to fight boredom to prevent restlessness, helping you to remain calmer and more focused when your mind’s racing.

But its capabilities don’t just stop there. You can use this everyday tool to touch communal surfaces, preventing you from getting germs and bacteria on your hands, which can then make you sick. This allows you to open doors, tap buttons on an ATM, and flush a toilet in public spaces with confidence knowing that you’re not transferring any harmful viruses. And better yet, it features antimicrobial properties so it won’t transfer any bacteria on to you.

Alleviates stress and boredom

The KLIGIT everyday tool is a must-have if you love using a fidget spinner or other anxiety gadget that keeps your hands busy and your mind preoccupied from stress. With this gadget, you can arrange KLIGIT‘s magnets in infinite satisfying combinations to relieve stress. Plus, it provides some fun when boredom kicks in—including for kids. This creativity outlet provides an alternative to annoyingly tapping the desk to exert some stress. With a profusion of cool shapes and designs, you can have unlimited fun.

When clicking the metal coils in place, it produces a satisfying sound (think of rainfall, a crackling fire). In fact, it offers over 100 clicking and fidgeting options to focus your mind on the present rather than feeling foggy with stressful thoughts.

Holding the KLIGIT everyday tool

Offers antimicrobial properties

We all want to remain germ-free but when you’re exposed to public transport or doorknobs that a plethora of people have touched, you can’t always avoid coming into contact with bacteria and viruses. You can use this everyday tool to touch communal objects instead of using your hands. Therefore, you don’t have to apply antibacterial hand gel before touching an elevator button, pushing open a door in a store, scanning clothes on a rack, and more.

You might be thinking that germs and bacteria will build-up on this gadget, creating a heavy cleaning session for you afterwards. But this everyday tool kills microbes and MRSA to prevent any germs from transferring to you. Furthermore, KLIGIT never loses its antimicrobial properties—even if it’s scratched or beaten.

KLIGIT everyday tool

Using the KLIGIT everyday tool on an elevator

Helps you locate out-of-reach items

Ever lost your keys down a dark spot in your car and wished you had a useful gadget that could grab them? Or what about dropping an earring down the sink with no hope of seeing it again? This everyday tool offers a helping hand in these scenarios. Featuring neodymium magnets, it can locate your keys to prevent you from hopelessly searching in the dark. It also avoids you from poking your fingers down the drain to obtain out-of-reach items. And with no electrical components, it’s safe to do so.

KLIGIT everyday tool

KLIGIT everyday tool on a gray background

Provides self-defense when you’re alone

Picture yourself walking home late at night and a stranger attempts to attack you. If you don’t have any self-defense moves to lead the perpetrator astray, your life could be in danger. However, if you have the KLIGIT everyday tool in your pocket, you can reach for this to defend and protect yourself during life-threatening moments. And better yet, it won’t get you in trouble with the law if you’re caught with it in your possession. So you can take this everywhere you go and know that you have a defense mechanism in times of need.

KLIGIT everyday tool

KLIGIT everyday tool on a table with paper

Lasts a lifetime and remains durable

This exceptionally priced everyday tool is made from brass that never gets old or fades with time, and its sleek design will last a lifetime. The bass material will mature to create a unique color that’s unique to you. This material also makes the gadget durable and is resistant to breakage and with no sharp edges or loose components, it’s safe for children to use, too.

KLIGIT was created for people on the go. Its portable design and light weight makes it pocket-friendly. All the while always knowing that it’s just within easy reach when you need it. Alternatively, attach it to your keys to always have it closeby.

I’m always looking for a solution to avoid contact with communal surfaces, so this is something I will use all the time. Plus, it caters to your daily life, so you can use it to avoid hand strain when bring in shopping from the car, playing games with the children, keeping your hands busy, and much more; its qualities are unlimited and easily adaptable to your routine.

Preorder the KLIGIT everyday tool on Kickstarter for $19. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this useful gadget in the comments.

Amy Poole is an Editor and Writer at Gadget Flow. When she’s not indulged in everything gadget-related, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Rosie, and keeping fit.

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