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Lenovo showed the world's first laptop with a flexible screen.

Lenovo showed the world’s first laptop with a flexible screen.

adminDecember 16, 20194min2731
adminDecember 16, 20194min2731
Lenovo showed the world's first laptop with a flexible screen.

Lenovo continued tradition of developing flexible gadgets, which is becoming more and more popular. The company introduced Lenovo laptop, which became the first in the world with flexible display among such devices. Another feature of the ThinkPad X1 laptop is the absence of a keyboard – all its functions are performed by a touch screen.

Lenovo flexible gadget

Special screen

Announced as a working prototype flexible notebook received a 13.3-inch display based on OLED-matrix, surrounded on all sides by large frames. The laptop does not only have no keyboard, but also physical control buttons and touchpad. All operations in the ThinkPad X1 are carried out using the main screen or using optional connected equipment.

Lenovo notebook looks like its “colleague”, Samsung’s first flexible Galaxy Fold smartphone, which was launched in early 2019. In addition, a special structure adds the functions of a tablet computer. When the gadget is in “notebook mode”, it has a special stand for stability. It is built into the back panel of the case, allowing the laptop to be fixed in one position and not to be turned over.

Basic specifications

ThinkPad X1 presentation took place within the framework of the Lenovo Tech World conference. The developers did not share all the technical details of the laptop. It is known that the Lenovo ThinkPad weighs only 0.9 kg. This was achieved due to a number of factors: lack of a keyboard, low weight of a number of key components and flexible polymeric display basis.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1

Battery performance and memory size have not been reported, but the laptop processor is Intel Lakefield. Its presence is indirectly confirmed by the presence of one version of the Windows 10 operating platform in the notebook. Supposedly, it may be the latest Windows 10X – a specially created Microsoft system for gadgets with two screens. It’s a lot like a standard “10”, but Windows 10X is more oriented on touch screens. In addition, the 10X is more designed to control a stylus or hand than a keyboard or mouse.

At the time of announcement, the Lenovo notebook is presented as a working prototype with all the necessary functions. At this stage, the gadget is equipped with almost everything that will appear in the finished product in the future. The manufacturer does not mention the approximate cost of the laptop yet. According to some information, ThinkPad X1 will appear on the market within the next year.

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