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LYZRC L106 Pro: Cheap GPS drone under 100

adminNovember 20, 20209min4630
adminNovember 20, 20209min4630

The LYZRC L106 Pro adopts a similar foldable design to its bigger brother the L109 Pro, but with brushed motors instead of a more reliable brushless one. This compromise allowed for reducing the overall take-off weight below 250 grams.

Despite its attractive price ($99.99), the L106 Pro drone features a dual-positioning system (GPS + OFP), a 4K camera with 2-axis mechanical stabilization, and up to 1200 meters flight range. The on-board camera allows taking pictures with a resolution of 4096*3072 pixels and videos with 2048×[email protected] The angle of the camera can be remotely adjusted allowing you to frame your shots like a pro.

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Gimbal of L106 Pro drone

According to technical specs, its 2cell 1600mAh battery allows up to 16 minutes of airborne time. Thanks to the 4 LED indicator, you always know how much power is left on the battery pack.

Thanks to the fail-safe RTH feature, in case of signal loss or low flight battery voltage, the LYZRC L106 Pro will return autonomously to the take-off point.

LYZRC L106 Pro drone highlights

  • Foldable design (only 17*10*7cm);
  • Super lightweight (247grams);
  • GPS+Optical flow positioning;
  • 4K camera with 2-axis gimbal stabilization;
  • 4096*3072 photo and 2048*1080 video resolutions;
  • 5Ghz WiFi real-time video transmission (FPV);
  • Smart flight modes (GPS follow, Image follow, Waypoint, and Surround);
  • Failsafe auto return to home (Low battery, RC signal loss, and manual RTH);
  • 16 minutes of flight time;
  • About 1200meters of flight distance.

Box content

Box content

The L106 Pro drone comes in a nice handbag with the following accessories included:

  • Remote Controller;
  • 7.4V1600mAh flight battery (1, 2, or 3);
  • USB charging cable;
  • One set of spare propellers;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Drone instruction manual.

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