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Microsoft has moved Windows into the background and no longer considers it to be its main product

adminOctober 27, 20195min2540
adminOctober 27, 20195min2540

Microsoft has officially stated that the Windows operating system, which has been the company’s trademark for a long time, is no longer a priority for the company. The corporation decided to focus on other products, and the Windows desktop platform is no longer the main value that Microsoft will focus on.

Other priorities
General Manager of the company Satya Nadella called mobile applications and services the main directions of development of Microsoft at this stage. According to the general manager, now the corporation is guided by a vector of priorities of modern users who prefer mobile gadgets more and more, while OS Windows 10, as it is known, is intended only for desktop devices.
The company believes that the future prospects of the software are related to its unification. Therefore, cross-platform is what it should focus on, especially since modern users often solve their problems on mobile devices instead of computers and laptops. For this reason, Microsoft intends to shift the focus of its attention to solutions that will be equally effective on desktop devices with Windows, and on mobile gadgets on Android and iOS.


Friendship with Google
Having moved slightly towards its own Windows, the company began to develop business partnership with Google in the field of software, namely the Android mobile platform. It is Microsoft that chose it for its recently announced two-screen smartphone Surface Duo. Representatives of the company called Android OS the most suitable version of mobile software for use in the gadget.
The company does not forget its own mobile OS Microsoft – Windows 10 Mobile, formerly known as Windows Phone. The choice in favor of Android, according to the representatives of the corporation, occurred not because Microsoft curtailed support for its mobile platform two years ago, but because the Google platform is really more convenient option.

Microsoft and google partnership

Further destiny of Windows
It is not yet known how the company’s policy and change of priorities will affect the Windows platform in the future. However, according to statistics, the Windows operating system is still the most popular desktop system in the autumn of 2019. It owns 77% of the user market. In comparison, Apple’s MacOS desktop is only 13%.
Within the operating system itself, priorities are firmly anchored in the current Windows 10. According to statistics, it has become a leader among all versions of Windows with a 55% victory rate. Microsoft is credited with this, and since the release of the tenth version of Windows, it has put a lot of effort into translating as many users as possible into the “top ten”.

The second most popular is still Windows 7, which is preferred by almost 34% of desktop device owners, despite the fact that the term of its official support for the majority of the end of the year 2020.

Future of Windows

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