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Most innovative product designs we’ve seen recently in crowdfunding » Gadget Flow

adminNovember 26, 202017min1300
adminNovember 26, 202017min1300

Looking for some cool new products? Check out today’s roundup of the most innovative product designs in crowdfunding that we’ve seen recently. These gadgets are sure to inspire you and change the way you think about some of the items you use every day.

At Gadget Flow, a big part of what we do is discover cool new product designs in crowdfunding. These are the projects that push the boundaries on interesting new concepts and influence trends across the board. Today, we’re rounding up some of the most innovative product designs in crowdfunding we’ve seen recently.

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There’s a transforming chair that converts into ten positions so that you can sit comfortably all day long. And there’s even a smart mirror that tracks your skin’s health and has Harman Kardon speakers for truly incredible sound. The product designs on this list not only impress but also solve problems you run into during your everyday life. Check them out to see how they can help.

Anytongs Flatware Converter

The first item on our roundup of the most innovative product designs in crowdfunding is the Anytongs Flatware Converter. This gadget turns two utensils into kitchen tongs and replaces the multiple sets of tongs you have in your kitchen drawer. Best of all, it’s compatible with just about any flatware.

BeYou Transforming Chair

Sit any way you like with the BeYou Transforming Chair. This cool chair has over 10 seating positions that adjust to your comfort levels and lifestyle. You can move the headrest and armrest for a more comfortable position while working or watching a movie. Finally, each wing adjusts to five positions.

Zmirror All-in-One Smart Mirror

Another of our favorite innovative product designs in crowdfunding is the Zmirror All-in-One Smart Mirror. This smart mirror acts as a personal assistant with its Amazon Alexa voice control. It also rates your skin condition and boasts speakers by Harman Kardon, the same ones found in luxury cars.

Reevo Hubless eBike

Enjoy a secure ride with the Reevo Hubless eBike. It provides triple-barrier security built around a strong yet lightweight frame. Thanks to its one-touch fingerprint sensor, auto-lock, and GPS tracking, this bike is practically theft proof. Incredibly, the wheels are spokeless, so this is a bike with a pretty cool design.

OYO NOVA Gym Complete Handheld Workout

Another great product on our list of innovative product designs in crowdfunding is the OYO NOVA Gym Complete Handheld Workout. This home workout equipment is like having a full gym in your hands since it duplicates weight resistance and works both sides of muscle groups. What’s more, this gadget is lightweight and folds for portability.


OYO NOVO Gym complete handheld workout with a person working out

MOFT Float Invisible iPad Stand & Case

Get adjustable height and unlimited angles while you work with the MOFT Float Invisible iPad Stand & Case. This useful gadget has a double-hinge structure, which lets it elevate your screen’s height to a comfortable viewing angle no matter where you are.

MOFT Float Invisible Stand&Case for iPad Pro and New iPad Air

MOFT Float invisible iPad stand & case on a table

FARO by UNIT 1 Visibility-First Smart Helmet

The FARO by UNIT 1 Visibility-First Smart Helmet is a helmet you’ll actually want to wear. This cool item on our list of innovative product designs in crowdfunding is sleek, simple, and clean. It offers safety with its fall detection, turn signals, and automatic brake light capabilities.

Arcade1Up Infinity Game Table

Your favorite classic board games will never be the same with the Arcade1Up Infinity Game Table. This game table lets you play the digital versions of Monopoly, Ticket to Ride, Scrabble, and more. It gives you tactile feedback, is Wi-Fi enabled, has a high-resolution screen, and offers so much more. You’ll love that it’s water resistant and easy to store.

Minimalist’s 2021 Wall Calendar

Visualize your year in a clear, organized way with the Minimalist’s 2021 Wall Calendar. This calendar simplifies your life with its minimal design. There are no pages, letting you see the whole year in front of your eyes. You can use it as a whiteboard for flexibility or set things in stone and write on it with a pen.

We think you’ll agree with us that there are so many new innovative designs in crowdfunding out there that are worth learning more about. These are some of our favorites that we’ve seen recently. What are yours? Let us know in the comments about some of your favorite crowdfunding product designs.

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