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Nissan GT-R has been turned into a camera car

Nissan GT-R has been turned into a camera car

adminFebruary 16, 20202min2870
adminFebruary 16, 20202min2870

Nissan GT-R Nismo is a “charged” version of the already incredibly fast Nissan GT-R. With 20-inch cast wheels, a 600 horsepower 3.8-litre V6 VR38DETT engine with turbines from the racing GT-R GT3, and an advanced gearbox, this is the new GT-R Nismo 2020. What kind of car would you need to shoot that kind of power on a racetrack? Only the second fast Nissan GT-R!

GT-R Nismo 2020

Usually, powerful SUVs are used on tracks to shoot racing cars. They carry cameras on them and run on the track. But where can you find a fast SUV that will keep up with Nismo’s GT-R? The company’s representatives took the usual version of GT-R and, having equipped it with cameras, started shooting a new sports car.

Mauro Calo, a professional driver and car video expert, said the engineers had to screw the camera to the frame, which was attached to the body of the Nissan GT-R. This made the car an ideal platform for taking pictures of Nismo’s high-speed GT-R. Besides the driver, the car can be occupied by a cameraman, director and a focus puller.

Nissan GT-R: the ultimate high-speed camera car

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