The huge grille controversy, surrounding cars like the BMW 4 Series, carries on as we speak and it’s about to get even bigger as we tell you about this amazing kit developed by Florida-based company Nmoto for the BMW C400X scooter. As BMW is keen to mention amid such controversy, the brand has been using tall vertical grilles ever since the company was founded. Such as design was used on iconic cars like the BMW 328, for example, and many, many others. Therefore, what you’re about to see shouldn’t really be surprising.

The BMW C400X is one of the several scooter choices you have from BMW at the moment. It’s not incredibly popular yet but it will have it’s time to develop and yet, the guys from Nmoto recently unveiled their plans for the two-wheeled contraption. As you can see in the photos below, they are planning on selling their new model dubbed ‘The Golden Age’. This is a retromod harking back to the good old days when BMW had huge front nostrils.

Nmoto Golden Age 2 1 587x830

According to the company, the design we see here was inspired by Art Deco design but mixes some futuristic features as well: “the Golden Age channels the 1936 Henderson Courtney Prototype while using a new BMW C400X as its basis.” And while the Golden Age might look retro, the company assures us that it will have all the modern convenience, technology and reliability the C400X offers today.

To be honest, it looks absolutely brilliant in my book. The round arches up front and in the back, along with that huge windscreen and round headlamp make it seem like it comes from a 60-70s Sci-Fi movie. The quilted leather seat is also quite something. According to Nmoto, this will be the final design but production will kick off in Spring 2021, with various customization possibilities included.