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Practical TrashBot will sort garbage for recycling

Practical TrashBot will sort garbage for recycling

adminFebruary 21, 20202min2030
adminFebruary 21, 20202min2030

Startup from San Francisco CleanRobotics has developed the TrashBot, robotized garbage container designed for sorting garbage.
According to co-founder and CEO of CleanRobotics, Charles Yhep, the idea of creating the sorting robot came after he saw how badly visitors of cafes, bars and self-service canteens navigate among many trash containers designed for different types of used dishes.


In his opinion, the best option in this situation – inexpensive (within $ 1200) robot-sorter, which is quite able to perform this simple function.
Once the used thing is in the garbage container, the camera and sensors send information about it to the software, which classifies each item and then sorts it into its corresponding internal container. After five seconds, the robot sorter is again ready to receive the next batch of trash. As disposal rules change, the functions of the machines can be updated as well as adapted to the preferences of the recycling centers.

Practical TrashBot

First robotic containers for railway stations and airports will be installed in small cafes and offices in San Francisco. Company is currently seeking funds to expand and explore new business models, which will also allow to install containers in other locations.

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