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Recently was presented Mountain Everest Transformer gaming keyboard

Recently was presented Mountain Everest Transformer gaming keyboard

adminMarch 4, 20203min2380
adminMarch 4, 20203min2380

Mountain company has presented Everest mechanical gaming keyboard. A key feature of the new product, ” packed” in an aluminum case, it has completely modular design. The user can replace not only the keycaps, but also the Cherry MX mechanical switches themselves, and choose the right combination to fulfill the tasks assigned to the accessory.

Everest mechanical gaming keyboard

Everest Core kit includes a shortened keypad, 2m USB Type-C cable, 5 additional Cherry MX switches, Mountain caps, a combined tool for removing caps and switches, 4 Everest stand supports and a set of stickers with the Mountain logo.

Everest keyboard

Everest Max version also includes a removable digital unit with four display keys that can be programmed to quickly launch specific games and applications. It also includes a multimedia docking station with a round display, handstand, extra pads and a 15cm USB Type-C cable.

Everest Max version

“From the very beginning, we have built our business on the principle of ‘no compromise’,” stated Mountain CEO Tobias Brinkmann. – ” We want to create fully customizable keyboard that would meet the gamers’ known expectations in terms of build quality and level of customization. In fact, Everest is a keyboard that everyone would want for themselves.

Magnetic stands are used to adjust the keyboard’s position. Additional accessory features include a USB hub and customizable RGB backlighting. Using company’s branded Base Camp software, you can set up macros even while you’re playing.

Everest keyboard magnetic stand

The price on the new Kickstarter crowdfunding platform starts at €95 depending on the set, and the start date of retail sales will be announced later.

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