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adminJuly 8, 20216min450
Qualcomm has more than 1.6 million ‘Snapdragon Insiders’, a community of fans and enthusiasts who participate in online forums and are among the first to hear about news coming from Qualcomm. To cater to these power users, Qualcomm has partnered with Asus to deliver a unique smartphone. Qualcomm announces the “Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders” and […]

adminFebruary 23, 20208min4180
Recently on forum Mi Community India was information about innovations which are already tested in Chinese beta version and soon will appear in global MIUI 11. Chinese company Xiaomi continues to expand functionality and improve the interface of its branded software MIUI, and a few days ago at the forum Mi Community India appeared information […]

adminFebruary 21, 20205min1410
The Mojo Vision startup team has developed intelligent lenses that can interact with augmented reality. Externally, they do not differ from standard optical eyepieces, but can connect to a smartphone and have a built-in MicroLED-display. With this display, the user can see additional information projected by the device directly to the eye. Several modern developments […]