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Technology for creating buttonless smartphones has been presented

Technology for creating buttonless smartphones has been presented

adminMarch 11, 20202min1740
adminMarch 11, 20202min1740

Modern smartphones are getting thinner and thinner – for the sake of trends, many models have already eliminated audio connectors, and soon will be cut off and hardware buttons. Sensor manufacturer Sentons with the support of techno giant Foxconn announced SDS ButtonBar technology, which allows you to completely eliminate the classic controls for volume, power and other functions of gadgets.
According to the developers, the touchpad with virtual buttons can be integrated into almost any smartphone surface – it is a 1.9 inch long element with 20 ultrasonic sensors that can be programmed to perform any function with the press and gestures.

Buttonless smartphones

One of the key benefits of virtual buttons is that they reduce the risk of component failure during exploitation. In addition, smartphones without slot in the case will be better protected from water and dust. SDS ButtonBar’s branded software also provides protection against false clicks, and support from Foxconn, a world famous OEM, can ensure its successful promotion among electronics manufacturers.

SDS ButtonBar

Similar technologies have been tested for years, but have not yet become widespread. The main disadvantage of the technology, experts say, is the inability to force reboot with a long press of the power button in case of software problems. In traditional smartphones this feature is usually present by default.

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