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The first production RUF SCR is green and plaid

adminApril 2, 20204min1450
adminApril 2, 20204min1450

RUF made a splash this week when it debuted a lifted Western-themed rally-type sports car called the Rodeo, but for now, it’s only a concept. In its shadow, however, RUF showed a car that is actually available for purchase. The beautiful green sculpture above is the first production-grade SCR. 

RUF debuted the SCR prototype in 2018 at the Geneva Motor Show as a nod to the original RUF SCR that debuted back in 1978. Much has changed in the more than four decades that have passed, and RUF is now designing and engineering its own cars entirely in-house. The SCR looks like a Porsche 911, but its insides are all RUF. 

The 2020 SCR has a carbon fiber monocoque to keep weight down while optimizing safety, stability, and rigidity. It also has carbon fiber body parts, as well as several other uses of carbon fiber throughout the car (check it out on the engine). All said, including an integrated steel roll cage, the new SCR has a curb weight of 2,756 pounds.

Power is provided by a RUF-developed naturally aspirated 4.0-liter six-cylinder engine that makes a claimed 503 horsepower and 347 lb-ft of torque. Enthusiasts will be happy to know that it pairs with a six-speed manual transmission. RUF does not mention a zero-to-60 time, but the SCR has a claimed top speed of 199 mph. When it’s time to stop, carbon ceramic parts make braking a confident endeavor. 

RUF says the combination of acceleration, balance, and control give the SCR the feel of a go-kart, but the amenities are significantly better. Inside, the SCR offers a lesson in high-quality materials with exposed carbon fiber, luxury leather, and real metal. The seats and setback add some warmth and character to the otherwise stern environment with swaths of plaid. 

Pricing and availability is available upon request.

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