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The PhoneBook mobile gadget turns any smartphone into a laptop.

The PhoneBook mobile gadget turns any smartphone into a laptop.

adminNovember 12, 20193min2880
adminNovember 12, 20193min2880

Anyware Technology has presented its product , which allows you to turn a smartphone into an almost complete computer. Modern gadgets with their performance have been replacing most people’s personal computers, but when it comes to creating documents, AAA-level games or comfortable viewing series, a small screen diagonal begins to seriously interfere with the process. With the PhoneBook gadget, this is fixed quickly and easily.

PhoneBook mobile gadget

PhoneBook has a 15-inch Full HD screen, stereo speakers, a full-size trackpad keyboard, and a separate battery pack with 8 hours of power. And that’s all – no processing power, no extra electronics, just the USB interface that connects your smartphone to it. PhoneBook serves as a physical extension of the mobile phone, turning it into a kind of notebook.

PhoneBook works with both iPhone and Android platforms. Its touch screen makes it easy to navigate through applications designed for smartphones. But there is also a variant with the connection for a classic wired mouse, which is emphasized. The fact is that the control through a bundle of keyboard + mouse is much more convenient and accurate than gestures on the screen of a smartphone, and this is an important advantage in online games battles.

Another bonus – PhoneBook recharges your smartphone while it is connected to it. The device will go on sale in December, at a price of $169 per one.

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