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These Modern Headphones Offer 17 Hours of Playtime

adminApril 2, 20202min1140
adminApril 2, 20202min1140

Enjoy your music as much as possible with the Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless Modern Headphones. Not only do these headphones deliver studio-quality audio, but they also offer handy features. One of these is that they automatically turn off and on when you fold them up. So you don’t have to worry about their battery life draining because they’ll recognize they’re not in use. Along with that, these over-ear headphones offer 17 hours of battery life. So you can be sure you’ll get to listen to everything you want to hear throughout your day. Furthermore, while these Sennheiser headphones provide active noise cancelation, they also provide Transparent Hearing. The latter ensures you hear and enjoy your music without being distracted from whatever you’re working on. With a leather and steel design, these headphones are comfortable for your commute, workout, and walks in the city.

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