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TikTok Donating Rs. 100 Crores Worth of Medical Equipment to India to Help Fight Coronavirus Outbreak

adminApril 2, 20203min1210
adminApril 2, 20203min1210

TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing and social networking app, is donating Rs. 100 crores worth of medical equipment for the doctors and medical staff in India, amidst the coronavirus outbreak. This includes 400,000 hazmat suits and 200,000 masks, as posted on TikTok’s newsroom. The social networking service claims to be working with the Union Ministry of Textile to provide this equipment to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The post also states that the service is ready to provide further support in the form of more donations in the coming time.

TikTok’s statement starts with acknowledging the importance of doctors and medical staff on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic, and states that they are the most vulnerable and exposed to the virus. For their safety, 400,000 hazmat medical protective suits are being donated to the Indian government, for the protection of the medical staff and to help with containing the virus from spreading. “With support from the Union Ministry of Textile, this essential gear, which meets the prescribed standards and guidelines, is being handed over to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India,” the statement reads.

TikTok has also donated 200,000 masks to the Delhi and Maharashtra government for the local/ state level medical workers. The social networking service further states, “As a responsible organisation committed to the safety and security of citizens in India, we are open to extending further support by way of additional donations in the coming time.”

At a time when people of the entire country are staying home to stop the spread of coronavirus, doctors and other medical personnel are out in the field and in hospitals, tirelessly working to deal with patients who have been affected by the virus. The country can use whatever help it can get and this contribution by TikTok is significant.

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