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adminDecember 6, 20216min160
Jumper-RC is about to release a new gamepad-style drone transmitter named T-Pro. In the teaser photos, you can see that its design is clearly inspired by TBS Tango 2 controller. In addition to the built-in 4-in-1 transmission module, the Jumper T-Pro has an ELRS Nano / TBS CRSF Nano compatible module extension […]

adminDecember 6, 20212min140
In research published in the journal Cell Systems, Professor Lenore Cowen of the Tufts Department of Computer Science and colleagues from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) collaborated to design a structurally-motivated deep learning method built from recent advances in neural language modeling. The team’s deep-learning model, called D-SCRIPT, was able to predict protein-protein interactions (PPIs) […]

adminDecember 6, 20216min130
Bitmart, a cryptocurrency exchange, suffered an attack yesterday that exploited some security vulnerabilities in order to gain access to the funds of the exchange. The attack targeted the hot wallets of the platform, specifically the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain-based wallets. The hackers managed to take almost $200 million in tokens from the platform. […]

adminDecember 6, 20212min160
Stay clean no matter what you touch when you wear the MODZI sanitizing wristband. This handy gadget comes with replaceable pods filled with FDA-approved spray sanitizer. Plus, it has a discreet look that won’t stand out on your wrist. Offering incredible convenience, it’s easy to dispense sanitizer from the MODZI with just one hand. And, […]

adminDecember 5, 202110min290
Analysts say virtual land on websites like Decentraland is already functioning as an asset, much like real land. The idea of spending millions on non-existent land may sound ludicrous—but feverish predictions of a virtual reality future are pushing investors to bet big on digital real estate. This week, New York-based company Republic Realm announced it […]

adminDecember 5, 20215min180
Love it or loathe it, the Concept XM not only previews a boldly designed namesake production model coming late 2022 but is also a window into BMW’s future designs. We are particularly talking about the already controversial split headlight arrangement, which spy shots have revealed the X7 Life Cycle Impulse and next-generation 7 Series will […]