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adminNovember 25, 20218min140
Berkshire Grey Between labor shortages, COVID continuing to wreak havoc on the supply chain, and the upcoming holiday season (in which e-commerce is expected to grow up to 15%), retailers, e-commerce, and warehouses will face a challenging few months to meet increased consumer demands. These businesses are already sounding the alarm bells and actively looking […]

adminNovember 25, 20217min130
China’s crackdown on its crypto mining sector, launched earlier this year, caused a massive migration of mining enterprises to friendlier jurisdictions. Miners have been moving enormous amount of coin minting hardware to new bases around the world, with Russia reportedly taking the largest share among several attractive destinations, including the U.S. Russia, Kazakhstan, US Accept […]

adminNovember 25, 20212min180
Play for longer than ever with the Valari gaming pillow. This fully customizable gaming pillow will make your gaming sessions more comfortable. That’s because it takes the pressure off your shoulders, neck, and back by giving you a supportive resting place for your elbows, arms, and hands. Overall, it helps prevent gamer lean and promotes […]

adminNovember 25, 20218min130
Machine learning (ML) is a technology that is related to artificial intelligence (AI), based around the idea that systems can learn from data and either improve performance or become more accurate. It is linked to the concept of automation, because machine learning algorithms enable systems to make decisions with little or no need for intervention […]

adminNovember 24, 202117min220
Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Facebook studies said algorithms harmed users with low tech skills with repeated disturbing content. Some users did not understand how content came to appear in their feeds or how to control it. These users were often older, people of color, lower-educated and of lower socioeconomic status. Two years ago, Facebook researchers […]

adminNovember 24, 20219min210
What do you bring to Thanksgiving when your aunt is gluten-free, grandma needs to stay away from sodium, and your brother has a dairy allergy? Finding a dish that can meet everyone’s dietary restrictions while also tasting delicious is a challenge.  Sony AI believes that in the near future, AI can help.  Sony AI is pursuing a […]