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adminMay 17, 202244min93
The Saturn S is the newest member of the 4K resin 3D printer series released by Elegoo and it is an improved version of the original Saturn. The screen is now increased from 8.9″ to 9.1″ and the print height from 200mm to 210mm. Furthermore, now you get an active carbon air purifier included with […]

adminMay 17, 20225min136
Engineering researchers have developed a new approach for implementing ransomware detection techniques, allowing them to detect a broad range of ransomware far more quickly than previous systems. Ransomware is a type of malware. When a system is infiltrated by ransomware, the ransomware encrypts that system’s data — making the data inaccessible to users. The people […]

adminMay 17, 20227min110
The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has reportedly proposed banning public figures, including celebrities and sportsmen, from advertising and endorsing crypto products. The regulator also proposed that public figures be held liable for any law violations when promoting crypto products. SEBI’s Crypto Advertising and Endorsement Proposal The Securities and Exchange Board of India […]

adminMay 16, 20227min78
Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Even by the white-knuckle standards of the cryptocurrency universe, it was a standout week. An algorithmic stablecoin called TerraUSD crashed from its dollar peg when the complex mechanism designed to ensure the link suddenly turned against it, sucking even the biggest digital assets into a vortex of panicked selling. Terms like […]

adminMay 16, 20222min104
A couple of years ago Madhav Sheth was appointed CEO of Realme Europe. Since then has has taken on more responsibilities, so now is the time for the Realme command structure to be reshuffled – Francis Wong will take over as CEO of Realme Europe. Wong was previously Chief Marketing Officer for Europe and India. […]

adminMay 16, 202227min136
When it was first unveiled in late 2021, the BMW Concept XM was greeted with harsh criticism by the BMW community. Despite being built on a bespoke platform, a first since the iconic BMW M1 supercar, the XM concept car didn’t tick many, if any, boxes, when it came to the looks of a high-end […]