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adminNovember 22, 20217min230
Healthcare is changing, it is going digital, and this is good news for patients and healthcare providers. From telemedicine to genomics, digital transformation in healthcare has the potential to improve patient outcomes, make healthcare as much about prevention as curative treatments, and reduce the overall cost of medical treatment. As life expectancies have increased around […]

adminNovember 21, 20219min380
US whistleblower and former Facebook engineer Frances Haugen says people deserve to know more about how the content they see is shaped by the jumble of data that gets fed into the social media machine—or how algorithms work. From the YouTube videos we’re recommended to deciding who gets a job, algorithms wield an ever-growing influence […]

adminNovember 21, 202114min330
News briefs for the week take a look at the end of mops with industrial robot cleaners, White Castle doubling down on Miso Robotics with Flippy2, Robin Robot cheering up pediatric hospitals, the emerging world of “tagalong” robots, deep-diving marine robotics, and Russia’s farm robot for all seasons. Gaussian Robotics cleans up $188 million When […]

adminNovember 21, 202117min150
There has been a fundamental change in the relationship between drones and public safety, according to Charles Werner — and he would know. Having spent 45 years in the fire service, he retired as the fire chief for Charlottesville, Virginia, and went on to establish and lead DRONERESPONDERS, a global alliance of emergency-response agencies with […]

adminNovember 21, 202110min280
Enthusiasts may find the concept of a Lotus SUV unacceptable, but accountants would beg to differ. In today’s automotive industry when more and more people are switching to high-riding vehicles, keeping the Norfolk-based marque purely a sports car manufacturer is not sustainable from a business perspective. Just ask Lamborghini, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce, with all three […]

adminNovember 21, 20214min190
Information storage and transfer in the manner of simple ones and zeros — as in today’s classical computer technologies — is insufficient for quantum technologies under development. Now, researchers from Japan have fabricated a nanoantenna that will help bring quantum information networks closer to practical use. In a study recently published in Applied Physics Express, […]

adminNovember 21, 20212min170
Accent your wrist while monitoring your health with the Bellabeat Ivy smart wellness watch. This activity tracker monitors your biometric data and physical and mental activity to level up your self-care. Moreover, this smart wellness watch tracks your heart rate, respiratory rate, activity, cardiac coherence, and sleep. It even monitors your menstrual cycle, hydration levels, […]

adminNovember 21, 20217min260
Everybody knows that security is a very important issue for users and therefore developers should take a proper care of it. There are many posts about Android security in the Internet – some of them explain difference between cryptography algorithms, whilst others are dedicated to basics of Android security. In this post I will spotlight […]