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adminApril 11, 20214min60
BMW’s all-new 4 Series Coupe is based on the successful 3 Series platform and represents the company’s second-generation 4 Series Coupe. The 4 Series has grown in length, width, and even height. Though the new 4 Series Coupe is bigger in nearly every dimension, it is the new design that dominates the discussions with onlookers. […]

adminApril 10, 202131min170
The initial launch of the GLA name in the Mercedes-Benz range wasn’t exactly a record-breaking success. The first GLA was a rather small, compact crossover you could barely consider anything else but a car on stilts initially. It was small and cramped but, even so, Daimler managed to sell almost a million of them since […]

adminApril 9, 20215min150
If you’re sick of all the BMW design criticism, just take a look at the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe, as it’s a great example of how BMW can still nail a design. It’s a gorgeous car; its long, low, lean, and muscular, while still looking elegant and premium. What a thing. For Japanese market […]

adminApril 7, 20215min140
The new BMW M4 Competition is shockingly fast, both in a straight line and around a track. From what we’ve heard, it’s also quite good to drive, regardless of lap times. It’s said to have great steering, superb precision, and all-around fun driving dynamics. However, is it as good as the fan-favorite Porsche Cayman GT4? […]

adminApril 4, 20217min100
Compared to other BMW products, the iX electric vehicle hasn’t been spotted as much out on public roads. Most of the iX photos seen so far were part of the BMW press or marketing portfolios, so it’s always refreshing to see what the new BMW iX looks like without the glossy glamour. These new images […]