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adminOctober 23, 20215min130
The current G30 BMW 5 Series is getting a bit long in the tooth. While still a good car, its competition has passed it by, in terms of technology, style, and driving dynamics. So it needs a new model and the upcoming G60-generation 5 Series is going to be just that. Some new spy photos […]

adminOctober 22, 20218min210
The BMW 2 Series Coupe test drives are on their way and in just a few days we will learn about the drivingcharacteristics and abilities of the new sports coupe. But as always, leading up to the reviews, new photos emerge on the Internet. The latest set of images feature the BMW M240i Coupe in […]

adminOctober 20, 20217min250
The BMW M135i xDrive hatchback gets a technical revision this month. And it all starts with retuned springs and dampers, precise tweaks to the chassis and an optimized soundtrack. The camber values for the front wheels of the BMW M135i xDrive have been increased to optimize absorption of lateral forces when powering through corners. Next, a […]

adminOctober 19, 20215min240
The E34-generation BMW M5 is an underappreciated, often forgotten M car among enthusiasts. Despite being a good car overall, there are a few reasons why the E34 M5 flew under the radar for awhile. For starters, its replacement — the E39 M5 — was far better and one of the greatest sport sedans in history. […]

adminOctober 18, 20215min200
BMW has already electrified the 3 Series by giving it a plug-in hybrid powertrain available in the 330e, with a fully electric model expected to arrive in 2022. Both ride on an adaptation of the CLAR platform conceived primarily for vehicles equipped with combustion engines, meaning the engineers had to make some compromises in terms of […]

adminOctober 17, 20216min240
The Rolls-Royce Boat Tail is now labeled as the most expensive new vehicle ever made. In this modern era of automotive homogeneity, the Boat Tail is about as coachbuilt as you can get, as it was a clean-sheat design from the chassis up, for only three clients. Each of those clients also had their car […]

adminOctober 16, 20217min310
If there’s a genuine complaint with the G80 BMW M3 Competition (aside from its looks), it’d be with its exhaust note. Not that it’s bad — the S58 engine sounds far better than the outgoing S55 — but it lacks some character. It sort of sounds like generic engine/exhaust noise, especially from inside the cabin, […]

adminOctober 15, 20217min210
BMW isn’t Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Porsche, in that it doesn’t have a ton of uber-high priced classics from its history. While there are a few expensive vintage Bimmers on the collector’s market, only the M1 has reached truly legendary status. However, some classic BMWs have started to creep up into surprisingly high price ranges. One […]