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adminMay 20, 202218min321
It really all comes down to this, doesn’t it? BMW’s newest track-ready performance car, the BMW M4 CSL, can do whatever it wants at the Nürburgring and it can sell out all of its thousand units in five minutes but if it can’t rival the Porsche 911 GT3, few enthusiasts are going to remember it […]

adminMay 18, 202210min109
BMW’s 3 Series LCI facelift came just in time, as its bitter rival–the Mercedes-Benz C-Class–was just recently updated with an all-new model and it’s better than ever. So let’s take a look at both cars and see which one is best looking. I must clarify, we won’t be discussing power, performance, handling, or tech. Without […]

adminMay 16, 202227min138
When it was first unveiled in late 2021, the BMW Concept XM was greeted with harsh criticism by the BMW community. Despite being built on a bespoke platform, a first since the iconic BMW M1 supercar, the XM concept car didn’t tick many, if any, boxes, when it came to the looks of a high-end […]

adminMay 15, 20225min92
At the 72nd Goodwood Members Meeting, former Formula One driver Jochen Mass drove a 1972 BMW 2002 race car, a car that you get to see in this new video from Petrol Ped. This specific BMW 2002 isn’t just any 2002, though. It’s been heavily modified for racing and it’s the real deal. Its engine, […]

adminMay 14, 20225min114
Frank Stephenson certainly isn’t wrong, when he talks about beating the dead horse that is BMW’s kidney grille design. It’s our job to discuss designs of cars but it often feels like kicking someone while they’re down, as every new BMW gets the exact same criticism — the grilles are awful. However, with the new […]

adminMay 12, 20228min99
The BMW iX M60 is now ready for its market introduction. After its unveil in late 2021, the fastest and most powerful BMW electric car is heading to global markets. To promote the performance and agility of the iX M60, BMW invited us to Berlin, Germany to spend a couple of days with the M-tuned […]

adminMay 11, 20225min124
Tesla has long been the undisputed king of electric range in the industry. One of the reasons Teslas get such impressive range is their powertrain efficiency, which is usually superior to their competitors’. If a Tesla can eek out one more mile per kilowatt hour than its competition, that’s an additional 80-100 miles of range, […]