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adminOctober 24, 20218min00
A special artificial intelligence (AI)-based computer algorithm created by Mount Sinai researchers was able to learn how to identify subtle changes in electrocardiograms (also known as ECGs or EKGs) to predict whether a patient was experiencing heart failure. “We showed that deep-learning algorithms can recognize blood pumping problems on both sides of the heart from […]

adminOctober 23, 20213min100
Without enzymes, an organism would not be able to survive. It is these biocatalysts that facilitate a whole range of chemical reactions, producing the building blocks of the cells. Enzymes are also used widely in biotechnology and in our households, where they are used in detergents, for example. To describe metabolic processes facilitated by enzymes, […]

adminOctober 22, 20216min110
Han and Leia. George and Amal. Kermit and Miss Piggy. Gomez and Morticia. History’s greatest couples rely on communication to make them so strong their power cannot be denied. But that’s not just true for people (or Muppets), it’s also true for lasers. According to new research from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, recently […]

adminOctober 21, 20215min180
E-commerce reseller Depop has launched a programme aimed at helping charities to create shops to sell second-hand items through its marketplace. The initiative, called the Charity Seller Programme, will help a select number of charities use its platform to more easily sell products online while offering tailored support and resources. Rachel Swidenbank, vice-president of sellers […]

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adminOctober 20, 20216min210
A “highly sophisticated” hacking group called LightBasin has harvested mobile network data from at least 13 telecoms companies in the past two years, according to CrowdStrike researchers. The group, also known as UNC1945, was first revealed by Mandiant researchers in November 2020, who showed the hackers were targeting financial and professional consulting enterprises through compromising […]

adminOctober 19, 20216min280
Convolutional neural networks running on quantum computers have generated significant buzz for their potential to analyze quantum data better than classical computers can. While a fundamental solvability problem known as “barren plateaus” has limited the application of these neural networks for large data sets, new research overcomes that Achilles heel with a rigorous proof that […]

adminOctober 18, 20215min350
Aiming to enable telecoms providers to accelerate digital transformation efforts and cash in on new business opportunities with emerging technologies, Bridge Alliance, the mobile alliance covering 34 markets, has entered into a strategic partnership with fellow mobile trade body the TM Forum to simplify the adoption of multi-access edge computing (MEC). Bridge Alliance claims to be […]

adminOctober 17, 20214min210
From the internet, to fibre or satellite communications and medical diagnostics, our everyday life relies on optical technologies. These technologies use optical pulsed sources to transfer, retrieve or compute information. Gaining control over optical pulse shapes thus paves the way for further advances. PhD student Bennet Fischer and postdoctoral researcher Mario Chemnitz, in the team […]

adminOctober 16, 20214min290
A study from digital quality technology provider Applause has revealed a huge uptick in the take-up of telehealth services due to the Covid-19 outbreak, with almost two-thirds of a sample of 5,000 people saying that they plan to increase telehealth usage in the post-pandemic environment. Recognising that telehealth was not in itself new, Applause stressed […]

adminOctober 15, 20214min200
In the latest part of its programme to address the specialised connectivity needs of the small business community, Vodafone has launched Business Broadband Pro, a broadband and Wi-Fi service designed for small office and home office (SoHo) business customers with 1-9 employees. Large elements of the SoHo community have traditionally bought technology and services from […]