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adminApril 18, 20229min32
Non-fungible token (NFT) sales saw a small uptick over the last week as $658.4 million in NFT sales were recorded, up 3.35% in seven days. Out of 15 blockchains, Polygon-based NFT sales saw the largest increase in volume, jumping 106.68% this week. Moreover, over the last seven days, an NFT collection called Moonbirds saw the […]

adminApril 17, 20227min21
A district court in Moscow has arrested a man whom local media reports identify as Dmitry Pavlov, alleged administrator of the recently shut down darknet market Hydra. Russian authorities believe he has been involved in drug-related crime punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Moscow Court Arrests Russian Believed to Be Hydra Administrator Meshchansky […]

adminApril 16, 20227min28
On Thursday, Uniswap Labs, the company behind the popular decentralized finance (defi) protocol, Uniswap, launched a tool called the Swap Widget. Essentially, the widget allows developers and decentralized app (dapp) operators to embed the Uniswap decentralized exchange (dex) app with “one line of code.” Software Engineers Can Now Embed Uniswap Swapping Functionality Into Web3 Dapps […]

adminApril 15, 20228min27
Employing crypto in cross-border payments is one of the proposals put forward by the Russian Chamber Of Commerce lobbying for more cooperation with African countries. Amid unprecedented sanctions limiting Russia’s ability to trade internationally, the head of the board has urged the government to work out an alternative system for settlements with Moscow’s partners. Chamber […]

adminApril 14, 20228min36
According to Ethereum developer Tim Beiko, The Merge is likely to be pushed to the third quarter of 2022. Despite the delay, Beiko also said he “strongly suggests not investing more in mining equipment at this point.” The Merge May be Delayed, Ethereum Hashrate Taps New ATH Four days ago, News reported on ethereum […]

adminApril 13, 202210min35
During the first quarter of 2022, Bitcoin’s hashrate averaged between 180 to 200 exahash per second (EH/s) and during the course of that time, 13,233 block rewards were found by 16 mining pools. According to three-month statistics, Foundry USA was the network’s top mining pool in terms of hashrate percentage, as the bitcoin mining operation […]

adminApril 12, 20228min33
The stablecoin economy has grown during the last month as the market capitalization is now only $10 billion away from reaching the $200 billion mark. While the largest stablecoin, by market valuation, tether (USDT) swelled by 3% during the last 30 days to $82 billion, terrausd (UST) has increased by 15.4% to $16.7 billion. Stablecoin […]

adminApril 11, 20228min27
Non-fungible token (NFT) sales have been lackluster this past week, as the aggregate sales volume during the last seven days has dropped 13.75% since last week. The largest number of sales stemmed from Ronin this week as 45,875 buyers increase Ronin-based NFT sales by more than 72%. The NFT collection that recorded the most sales […]

adminApril 10, 202213min26
While many Americans believe the U.S. Federal Reserve is the caretaker of the country’s monetary system, its also believed to be one of the worst financial institutions ever created. In 2022, amid a gloomy economy, war, and a number of global crises, the possibility of a great monetary shift has increased. The preceding years filled […]

adminApril 9, 20228min277
On Friday, Bank of America’s (BOFA) chief investment strategist Michael Hartnett explained in a weekly financial note to clients that the U.S. economy could head into a recession. The BOFA strategist’s note further detailed that cryptocurrencies could outperform bonds and stocks. BOFA Strategist Notes inflation Shock Is Worsening, Cryptocurrencies Could Outperform Bonds and Stocks Bank […]