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adminNovember 24, 202117min310
Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Facebook studies said algorithms harmed users with low tech skills with repeated disturbing content. Some users did not understand how content came to appear in their feeds or how to control it. These users were often older, people of color, lower-educated and of lower socioeconomic status. Two years ago, Facebook researchers […]

adminNovember 23, 202117min410
A pedestrian walks past an internet cafe in the low-income Kibera neighborhood of Nairobi, Kenya Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2021. Instead of serving Africa’s internet development, millions of internet addresses reserved for Africa have been waylaid, some fraudulently, including in insider machinations linked to a former top employee of the nonprofit that assigns the continent’s addresses. […]

adminNovember 21, 20219min500
US whistleblower and former Facebook engineer Frances Haugen says people deserve to know more about how the content they see is shaped by the jumble of data that gets fed into the social media machine—or how algorithms work. From the YouTube videos we’re recommended to deciding who gets a job, algorithms wield an ever-growing influence […]

adminNovember 19, 20216min300
Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is promoting the concept of his company producing a virtual world ‘metaverse’ A consortium of US states announced a joint probe Thursday of Instagram’s parent company Meta for promoting the app to children despite allegedly knowing its potential for harm, in fresh regulatory trouble for the scandal-hit network. The social media […]

adminNovember 18, 20215min320
Barbados, shown in this file photo, plans to open an embassy in the metaverse. Tiny Caribbean nation Barbados has laid claim to establishing what it says will be the first diplomatic embassy in the metaverse—a virtual reality version of the internet. The announcement was sparse on details, but Barbados said this week that clients would […]

adminNovember 16, 20214min400
Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Hackers compromised the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s external email system on Saturday. The hackers sent out tens of thousands of emails from an FBI email account warning about a possible cyberattack, according to the Spamhaus Project, which tracks spam and related cyber threats. The FBI said it, along with the Cybersecurity […]

adminNovember 15, 20215min340
Credit: CC0 Public Domain Viral, true tweets spread just as far, wide and deep as viral untrue tweets, according to new research from Cornell University that upends the prevailing assumption that untruths on Twitter move faster. This finding helps illuminate why certain mitigating strategies to curb disinformation on Twitter haven’t worked, while also suggesting that […]