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adminOctober 2, 20215min820
Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Traditional networks are unable to keep up with the demands of modern computing, such as cutting-edge computation and bandwidth-demanding services like video analytics and cybersecurity. In recent years, there has been a major shift in the focus of network research towards software-defined networks (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV), two concepts […]

adminOctober 1, 20217min560
Facebook Global Head of Safety Director, Antigone Davis, testifies remotely before a Senate hearing on possible harm to teens online. US lawmakers Thursday demanded pledges from Facebook to address escalating worries over its platforms’ impact on teens’ mental health, but a top executive instead offered assurances the sites are already safe. Senators grilled the social […]

adminSeptember 30, 202111min510
Thirteen effectively serves as the age of majority online under a two-decade old US law, and is the minimum set by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat—all of which are massively popular among children. Facebook drew outrage for its now paused plans for an Instagram app for kids aged 12 and under. But 13-year-olds are already […]

adminSeptember 29, 20214min450
Amazon has reportedly spent several hundred million dollars to develop video games, without real success until it released “New World” Amazon’s new multiplayer online game, “New World”, got off to a roaring start Tuesday for its release, a test for the tech conglomerate seeking to break into this fast-growing sector. One tracking website showed over […]

adminSeptember 28, 20213min950
Tiktok says its got over one billion active users. TikTok said Monday it now has more than a billion active users, just four years after the hugely popular video-sharing app was launched by Chinese group ByteDance. Already popular before the coronavirus pandemic—mainly due to its viral choreography set to pop songs—TikTok received a major boost […]

adminSeptember 26, 20215min420
A US judge has ordered Facebook to release anti-Rohingya content shared on its platform. A US judge has ordered Facebook to release posts the social network removed over their role in inciting government-backed violence against the Rohingya people in Myanmar. In his ruling on Wednesday, Washington DC district court Judge Zia Faruqui criticized the company […]

adminSeptember 25, 20218min791
Overview of our proposed Spatio-temporal Online Event Detection Algorithm. Credit: SUTD and MoU Researchers from the University of Melbourne (UoM) and the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) have developed an algorithm that can detect important events based on the time and geographical scale of topics being actively discussed on social media. Their algorithm, […]

adminSeptember 22, 202113min1920
This combo of photos shows the logo for Google, top, and Apple, bottom. Big Tech companies that operate around the globe have long promised both to obey local laws and to protect civil rights while doing business. But when Apple and Google capitulated to Russian demands and removed Smart Voting, a political-opposition app from their […]

adminSeptember 21, 20216min1110
Credit: CC0 Public Domain Maybe it’s the pandemic doomscrolling, the unsettling revelations about how toxic Instagram is for teenage girls, or you are just craving more time for IRL moments with the people you love and less time oversharing your life online. Whatever the reason, if you are done with Instagram, you have two choices. […]