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adminJuly 30, 20215min70
Basil Street People love pizza. People love convenience. Boom, a pizza vending machine! Not so long ago that would have sounded like a joke, but kiosk concepts are proliferating amid a wave of investment in touch free food concepts. Basil Street, which raised $10 million last year, is turning to crowd funding to increase its […]

adminJuly 28, 202120min190
The global surgical robotics market is expanding rapidly and may soon be worth $120B. But is the medical training ecosystem ready for the shift to robot-assisted surgeries? As more surgeons use robots in the OR, the approach for training on them and using them needs to be standardized. The truth is that all surgeons aren’t […]

adminJuly 27, 20215min300
Robots that dig underground are getting lots of development attention thanks to DARPA, the Pentagon’s research funding arm. The latest example? An earthworm from GE. The GE robot is part of DARPA’s Underminer program. According to the agency: DARPA has selected three performers to develop technologies and solutions for the Underminer program that would surpass current commercial […]

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adminJuly 24, 202112min260
Times are tough for many companies in the consumer packaged goods industry. Is now really the right time to invest in a collaborative robot? Recent changes to the industry have prompted consumer goods companies to adapt their operations. Problems that were present before 2020 have now accelerated and become critical for many companies. Cobots are […]

adminJuly 23, 202111min190
Kespry Industrial drones are nothing new, but the growth curve and pace of adoption is pretty astounding. The adoption of industrial drone programs by industry is expected to increase at a 66.8% compound annual growth rate over the next year.  Industrial drones are being used in major industries like insurance, mining and aggregates, using cutting-edge technologies (AI, […]

adminJuly 21, 20214min300
Seoul Robotics A foundational technology in autonomous vehicles, lidar is steadily making its way into a broader range of robots thanks to plummeting prices. Case in point, a company called Seoul Robotics just launched a ready-to-go, plug-and-play lidar perception system that can be deployed out of the box.  Lidar, which was cost-prohibitive for most applications as little […]

adminJuly 20, 202113min320
A massive effort is currently underway to try and future-proof supply chains from the next major disruption. From the pandemic and ongoing product shortages to the blockage in the Suez Canal and natural disasters, companies are frantically contending with the critical need to make supply chains more resilient. One way companies are building resiliency into […]

adminJuly 17, 202113min520
News briefs for the week take a look at Japan’s massive, robot-built dam, Verizon launching a robot division, construction robots tying rebar, CMR’s new surgical robot, Zebra fetching Fetch, and picking strawberries with Traptic Japan goes big with construction robots With Japan experiencing a severe shortage of construction workers, and with 35 percent of those […]

adminJuly 16, 202114min420
How can you tell if a particular screwdriving application will be suitable for robotic automation? Maybe you want your robot to screw down circuit boards for electronic assembly. Maybe the robot will be fixing parts into a car or assembling appliances. Whatever your screwdriving needs, there are 7 properties you should consider when appraising potential […]