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adminOctober 23, 202114min120
News briefs for the week take a look at Nissan’s all-robot factory, Japan’s AI-controlled forklifts and inspection robots, cobots mastering the ancient art of knife making, Gary the home robot…is also good around the office, security robots on patrol, and eel-like subsea robotic arms servicing deep-water operations.   Nissan’s all-robot auto plant Only “smart” robots […]

adminOctober 22, 202111min170
Matt Rutherford was just a few days into his planned unaided, non-stop solo-sailing trip around North and South America when he realized he’d left all his extra pants on the dock. The days of preparation before setting off had been frantic and a few things got left behind. This was a problem. He was facing […]

adminOctober 19, 20215min270
Indy Autonomous Challenge No matter which team places first at the upcoming Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC), the real winner will be the open source architecture powering the cars. The autonomous racing event, which takes place this week, pits nine teams representing 21 universities against each other in high-stakes racing for a $1 million prize purse. “To […]

adminOctober 16, 202113min310
Global supply chains have been upturned in the last few years. Supply chain disruptions are now more common than ever. Robots offer an efficient solution to overcoming those disruptions. They can help you to reduce the complexity of your supply chain and improve its robustness. What type of supply chain disruptions can robots help with? […]

adminOctober 15, 20211min320
Marlan has been active in machining so-called solid surfaces since 1986. Marlan works closely with its partners, including dealers, architects and interior builders. Marlan supplies sheets, shapes and freestanding bathtubs and is active throughout Europe. The company is the driving force behind the product of the same name: marlan, a mineral (ATH) filled polyester resin […]

adminOctober 14, 20214min260
Laevo Exoskeletons A Dutch exoskeleton company is launching an updated model of an innovative unpowered exoskeleton for workers. The new product from Laevo, called the Flex V3, is compelling for a couple of reasons, but the big one may be that it’s attempting to solve well-known problems that have kept exoskeletons, once vaunted as a […]

adminOctober 12, 20216min340
Landing a spacecraft on the lunar surface is tricky. As any engineer can tell you, dust doesn’t help. Billions of grains of crushed rock, called regolith, are kicked up during a rocket-assisted landing, a huge impediment to creating reliable, reusable landers. Dust is also a notorious killer of robots, which is a critical issue for the […]

adminOctober 9, 20211min210
News briefs for the week take a look at Amazon’s mobile home robot, robots as insurance claims adjusters, China’s new-age physical therapy robots, robots that patrol and monitor power plants, Agrobot’s Bug Vacuum, and mobile robots that identify and classify everything at a construction site. Share it

adminOctober 8, 20215min190
Chula Vista PD Privacy advocates are rightly concerned with the proliferation of drones in the hands of law enforcement. Can transparency help mollify concerns? That question is being put to the test in Southern California. The Chula Vista Police Department (CVPD), which has an active drone program, is teaming up with AirData UAV to give […]