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adminApril 9, 202110min140
News briefs for the week take a look at new AI-powered robots and cobots for machine tending and logistics operations, mobile UV robots for disinfecting passenger aircraft in 10 minutes, oil rig robot roughnecks entering the drilling industry, the Top 5 picks for countries winning the robotics implementation race for 2021 (and it’s only April!), […]

adminApril 8, 202110min130
The vaccine rollout is being met with lifted COVID-19 restrictions inside buildings and restaurants, but this change presents a new challenge to business owners — managing increased occupancy, while still abiding by safety restrictions. Businesses that find themselves exceeding occupancy could face fines, citations, and license suspensions. One increasingly prominent solution employs 3D counting and […]

adminApril 6, 20215min170
An out of this world collaboration aims to bring farming to the space age. NASA is teaming up with a company called CropX to leverage its satellites in the fight for food security and sustainability. NASA has long had a unique vantage on the world thanks to its constellation of Earth-observing satellites. Satellite imagery, which […]

adminApril 5, 202136min220
Security and surveillance are one of the biggest growth areas in the ever-expanding UAV sector. While it’s a relatively recent addition to enterprise toolkits in many industries, the use of drones to provide aerial assessments of activities on the ground is actually a return to form for the technology, which has seen some of its […]

adminApril 3, 20215min210
A developer of a tethered freefall drone delivery mechanism recently completed the first commercial deployment of its so-called rapid delivery system. A2Z Drone Delivery, LLC, partnered with drone services provider DroneUp to make residential package deliveries in Coffee County, GA, using A2Z’s tethered delivery system to safely land packages on the ground. Drone delivery is coming, but there are […]

adminApril 2, 202134min260
How can remote workers make their presence known in their organization? How can enterprises overcome the limitations of video conferencing and enable a level of communication and collaboration that approaches on-site interaction? Telepresence robots have been on the scene for the better part of a decade, though as global upheavals reshape work and reorient attitudes […]

adminApril 1, 20214min90
A company spun off from the maker of Vespa scooters wants robots to follow the leader. To that end, it has equipped a famous robot dog, Boston Dynamics’ Spot, with proof-of-concept technology to enable it to follow humans around.  Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF), which cut its teeth on a robot designed to follow humans and carry […]

adminMarch 26, 202111min130
News briefs for the week take a look at shipbuilding with robot welders, the versality of a dual-speed cobot, robotics aiding a biotech lab’s major pain points, orchard spraying via autonomous ground vehicles, VC funding in robotics for 2020 and the 2021 outlook for robotics. Robot welders to build U.S. Coast Guard vessel Danish-based Inrotech […]