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adminApril 14, 20215min30
Over the past week I’ve shared some free online video training to help solve common problems teams face when estimating with story points. I’m now opening the door to new registrations for the full video course: Estimating With Story Points. Estimating with Story Points helps you: Communicate confidently about story points in way that overcomes […]

adminApril 1, 202126min130
Digital transformation is an often misunderstood phrase that is overused in the global business community. It isn’t about getting the latest shiny piece of technology. Nor is it about switching to a new software solution or platform for the sake of it. Digital transformation, as the name suggests, is about making a profound change in […]

adminMarch 31, 202129min220
The previous parts of my TestProject OpenSDK tutorial described how you can write tests for web applications by using both TestProject OpenSDK and JUnit 5. However, the problem is that automated tests aren’t very useful if they aren’t run on a regular basis. This blog post describes how you can solve this problem by using […]

adminMarch 23, 202136min240
After you have written a few test methods which use the TestProject OpenSDK, the odds are that you notice that your test methods contain duplicate code. This blog post describes how you can eliminate duplicate code from your test suite. After you have read this blog post, you: Understand why you should reuse test code. […]

adminMarch 15, 202119min610
After you have written tests which use the TestProject OpenSDK and JUnit 5, you most likely want to run them. When you run your tests, the TestProject platform generates test reports which are published on the reporting dashboard. This blog post provides an introduction to the test reports which are generated by the TestProject platform […]

adminMarch 8, 202119min200
After you have created a new project which uses the TestProject OpenSDK, you can start writing your automated tests. However, before you can write the actual test methods, you must configure the TestProject OpenSDK. This blog post describes how you can configure the TestProject OpenSDK when you are writing tests for a web application with […]