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adminNovember 27, 20217min220
Over the years, technology has drastically changed the way we have lived our lives. There is no denying that the modern world is exorbitantly different from the world just 100 years ago. We are currently living in an era that is overwhelmed with technology to make daily living easier, and holidays are not an exception. […]

adminNovember 25, 20218min250
Machine learning (ML) is a technology that is related to artificial intelligence (AI), based around the idea that systems can learn from data and either improve performance or become more accurate. It is linked to the concept of automation, because machine learning algorithms enable systems to make decisions with little or no need for intervention […]

adminNovember 22, 20217min270
Healthcare is changing, it is going digital, and this is good news for patients and healthcare providers. From telemedicine to genomics, digital transformation in healthcare has the potential to improve patient outcomes, make healthcare as much about prevention as curative treatments, and reduce the overall cost of medical treatment. As life expectancies have increased around […]

adminNovember 21, 20217min280
Everybody knows that security is a very important issue for users and therefore developers should take a proper care of it. There are many posts about Android security in the Internet – some of them explain difference between cryptography algorithms, whilst others are dedicated to basics of Android security. In this post I will spotlight […]

adminNovember 20, 202114min190
E-learning is gradually becoming a profitable niche for starting an online school. A majority of audiences who relied on traditional classrooms are now moving online in search of knowledge and training. From digital marketing or computer programming to Yoga training, one can find an online course developed for each genre. Above all, multi-national and multi-establishment […]