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G05 BMW X5 M Sport Tuning Kit from 3D Design Adds Some Style

adminAugust 26, 20207min2110
adminAugust 26, 20207min2110

This new BMW X5 (G05 generation) is a handsome thing. In fact, it might be the best looking X5 of all. It’s sharp enough and muscular enough to look sporty, yet still looks elegant and sophisticated. However, if you want a sporty looking SUV, the current X5 could use some sprucing up. Which is why the fine people at 3D Design have come up with a tuning kit that adds some sporty style.

The car seen here is  the BMW X5 xDrive30d, the straight-six diesel-powered model and it’s one of the more common models sold outside of the US market, thanks to its blend of performance, refinement and efficiency. While it’s normally a relatively ho-hum looking vehicle, the 3D Design kit not only makes it look better but also bumps up the power.

G05 BMW X5 xDrive30d 3D Design 3 830x553

On the outside, you’ll find a new front lip spoiler, rear roof spoiler and 21″ wheels to give it that extra edge to make it stand out from your neighbors car. On the inside, it gets a new aluminum sport pedal set, which not only looks cool but also improves pedal feel under your foot. Plus, how cool is it when you open the door and see aluminum pedals? C’mon. Additionally, it gets 3D Design’s paddle shift kit, which is always a massive improvement over the standard paddles. Their made of carbon fiber in these photos but can also be had in aluminum. Personally, I’d choose the latter.

To improve the performance of the car, 3D Design is also offering up a booster chip that increases power of the 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 diesel by 45 PS (44 horsepower). That bumps it up to over 300 horsepower, giving it B58 levels of power, which is more than good enough for such a car.

G05 BMW X5 xDrive30d 3D Design 1 830x553

So if you combine its power increase with its new style and cool interior touches, this 3D Design tuning package makes for a very compelling upgrade to an otherwise ordinary X5. We’d highly recommend it.

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