For those of you that like your go-kart driving experience combined with open-air driving, you will be pleased to know that MINI will be continuing its Convertible until at least the end of this generation. As we learned a little while back, MINI will be giving its current lineup of Cooper hatchbacks second facelift, rather than developing an all new model. So this generation of MINIs will last until 2024. The second facelift of the MINI Convertible Cooper S just seen wearing some camouflage on its face and a bit on its rear. (We don’t own ’em but check the photos here)

Admittedly, it’s not that hard to imagine what this car will look like. Think of the current MINI Convertible Cooper S and add some slightly tweaked bumpers. That’s about it. However, what’s important is that this car is getting what is likely its last facelift ever.

Due to a lack of demand and the BMW Group attempting to tighten up its portfolio, this generation of MINI Convertible will likely be the last. It’s been said that MINI is giving the Convertible the axe after 2024, making it one of the causalities of the corporate downsizing. While the move to axe the drop-top MINI is understandable, as it simply doesn’t sell well enough to justify its existence, it’s a bit sad.

MINI Sidewalk Convertible 02 830x554

It’s been a long time since I’ve driven a Convertible MINI and the last time I did so, it was in a three-cylinder, automatic, entry-level MINI Convertible Cooper. So it was probably the worst version of the MINI Cooper one can possibly drive. And it was still fun. Give it a manual gearbox and a MINI Convertible is actually an enjoyable little car to drive around a beachy town (my drive was in Sandy Hook, New Jersey, around some of the most beautiful real estate on the east coast).

So if you like the idea of a drop-top MINI, be sure to snag this one up before it’s gone. Or just wait a couple of years for the second facelift to depreciate and pick it up used. Otherwise, you’re likely not going to get another chance, as this is probably going to be the last one.

[Source: Motor1]