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adminDecember 2, 202111min70
The adoption of blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrencies by people in Africa surged to unprecedented levels in 2020. While many have attributed this to Covid-19, blockchain advocates believe their work is partly the reason many are turning to digital currencies. Importance of Education Starting in the first quarter of 2020, the adoption of […]

adminDecember 2, 20212min180
You’ll love using the Casamera Shower Scrubber charcoal massager when you bathe. This double-sided sponge is an absolute lathering machine! It lets you choose between a softer massaging side and an effective exfoliating side. From the folks at Casamera, it has a charcoal-infused material that incorporates naturally occurring Konjac root—used for centuries by the Japanese […]

adminDecember 1, 202116min300
Credit: Darden School of Business When the company formerly known as Facebook announced plans in October to change its name to Meta, the company said the move would better reflect its intention to “bring the metaverse to life and help people connect, find communities and grow businesses.” Such a dramatic shift from one of the […]

adminDecember 1, 20216min270
Locomation Can autonomous vehicles lower the carbon footprint of the transportation and shipping sector? According to a new environmental impact evaluation, the answer seems to be an emphatic yes in certain cases. Locomation, the developer of autonomous trucking technology solutions, is trumpeting the findings of an independent environmental impact evaluation that found its Autonomous Relay […]

adminDecember 1, 20215min240
Just about everyone knows weight is the enemy of performance, but to what extent does it negatively impact a sports car’s capabilities? The best way to prove it is by taking two cars from different brands that share the same engine with virtually identical outputs. In this case, it would have to be BMW’s B58 […]

adminDecember 1, 202112min170
There is a huge global effort to engineer a computer capable of harnessing the power of quantum physics to carry out computations of unprecedented complexity. While formidable technological obstacles still stand in the way of creating such a quantum computer, today’s early prototypes are still capable of remarkable feats. For example, the creation of a […]

adminDecember 1, 20216min140
Bitcoin.com is integrating technology from CoinFLEX that enables users to earn interest on a wide range of cryptoassets, including a US-dollar stablecoin (flexUSD), through both passive and active strategies. The passive yield strategy is built on flexUSD, a US-dollar pegged cryptocurrency that automatically provides all holders with compounding interest payments, regardless of where they hold […]