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adminOctober 12, 20203min810
Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology has made its way to several smartphones, including the Xiaomi Mi 10 5G. Besides offering a high bandwidth method of transferring data, UWB accurately calculates the distance and relative position between devices, which promises to change the way we interact with smart home devices. As Xiaomi demonstrates in the video […]

adminMarch 11, 20202min920
Modern smartphones are getting thinner and thinner – for the sake of trends, many models have already eliminated audio connectors, and soon will be cut off and hardware buttons. Sensor manufacturer Sentons with the support of techno giant Foxconn announced SDS ButtonBar technology, which allows you to completely eliminate the classic controls for volume, power […]

adminFebruary 14, 20209min2680
These days, the annual CES 2020 exhibition is being held in Las Vegas. Representatives of all major electronics developers present their products and talk about technology. In this review, readers can find several interesting gadgets and one technology. Tablet computer of 17-inch size development by Intel Flexible devices become part of users’ lives around the […]